Healthy Lunches Could Lead the Fight Against Obesity

Healthy lunch ideas

Every year, the average American will consume a staggering 85.5 pounds of fats and oils. This means it should come as no surprise that obesity has become such an epidemic. The number of obese Americans, which currently sits at more than 35% for adults and around 17% for children, according to the CDC, is also made worse by the fact that many are simply uneducated when it comes to eating healthy. In fact, just three of 10 Americans believe that every source of calories can cause weight gain. Though lots of people go on diets and try to lose weight, a simple lack of healthy eating information and knowledge is causing obesity rates to continue rising.

One of the ways that both adults and kids can get healthier and avoid carrying around excess fat is eating healthy meals for lunch. Though it can be tempting t (more…)

08 Nov 2013

Not Sure What a Healthy Lunch is Supposed to Look Like? Three Tips

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Did you know that approximately 65% of Americans don’t know what a healthy lunch should look like? Choosing the right ingredients and portion sizes for your meals is a large part of living a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining a healthy body weight. Unfortunately, the reality is that many people simply lack knowledge of what their meals are supposed to look like. Who can blame them? If you believe the commercials, every morning should involve a microwave sausage sandwich and every lunch, a five foot long chicken sub. If you want some healthy lunch ideas that will be delicious and filling, read this list.

1. Have an Exciting Salad

A lot of people hear about the benefits of eating a salad and think, “boring.” The bulk of a salad, though, can help to fill you up, and salads today don’t (more…)

03 Oct 2013

Eating Healthy Means More Than Skipping the Fast Food, Try These Tips

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Did you know that it would take you 30 minutes to jog off the calories consumed in a medium portion of fast food fries? Despite knowing that fast food and sugary snacks are unhealthy for us, it can still be difficult to purchase and prepare healthier options. If you are looking to make a healthful change in your diet, you can start with just one meal, lunch. Here are 8 tips for healthy eating that you can use to help you pack healthy lunch foods.

  1. Skip the diet soda. Drinking large amounts can cause cardiovascular problems. Stick to water with lemon, or flavored seltzers with no added sugar.
  2. Do not neglect exercise. At least 30 minutes Monday through Friday will make a huge difference in combination with a healthy diet.
  3. Only 75% of Americans choose lower fat food, “som (more…)

08 Sep 2013

Put Down the Pizza, There Are Healthier Lunches You Could Have

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Whether you want to lose weight, or just feel better about the food you eat, there are a lot of great recipes, tips, and tricks out there to get you eating healthier. You may be focusing on one meal, and trying to eat healthy foods for lunch, or healthier meals at breakfast and dinner, so I have brought together a few tips to help you with any of those meals.

1. Try a bento.

A bento is a box container, traditionally used for packing meals in Japan. In a pinch, you could use a slightly larger Tupperware when you pack your lunch, and arrange healthy foods into the container in a way that mimics traditional Japanese bento. It is easy to make healthy foods for lunch when you use a bento, because the entire process of cooking and packing for a bento forces you to think very carefully about what you are puttin (more…)

15 Aug 2013

Three Myths About Healthy Eating

Healthy lunches

Sure, everyone WANTS to eat healthier. But many things can get in the way… time constraints, money constraints, not to mention our “guilty pleasures” that can be so hard to resist. Here are some common myths about healthy eating.

Myth 1) “Preparing healthy meals takes too long.” In an age where we can microwave an entire frozen dinner in three minutes, the time it takes to prepare a healthy meal can seem relatively daunting. But something like a salad or a fruit cocktail can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. And with a large enough quantity, either can be jarred for lunch or breakfast the next day. And yes, some healthy lunch ideas or dinner ideas may take a little longer than we might be used to. But the more you do them, the faster you get. And that time can be reduced further by involving the wh (more…)

15 Jul 2013

3 Easy, Delicious, And Healthy Lunch Ideas

Healthy lunch ideas

The weekend is fun and a great time to just relax, watch TV, and maybe indulge in some junk food. But what happens when Monday rolls around and you realize you have to get back on the healthy train or your tummy will start to show telltale signs of those little indulgences?

While it can be said that most meals are difficult to keep healthy, healthy lunches during a busy work week can be the most impossible to maintain. Not from lack of trying, either. Salads, low calorie yogurts…they form a pattern that can get boring. So here are a few healthy lunch ideas that may help the fight on boring lunches.

So you forgot to eat breakfast, and lunch time rolls around. You are positively starving. That salad does not really look like it will fill you up either. For some reason, you crave a sandwich. Something yo (more…)

25 Jun 2013

Nutritious Lunches, How To Pack a Vitamin Full Lunch

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If your anything like me. I grab a couple cans of diet coke, Some chips maybe a granola bar and some cookies and head on my way out the door to work. However studies show a lot of us are missing out on a healthy lunch. A healthy lunch can help increase productivity at work , Keeping you feeling energized and ready for the day when one or two pm hits. Im no saint when it comes to eating habits. But I can say when I eat a healthy breakfast, A healthy Lunch and a Healthy dinner it leaves me feeling healthy, more content and less irritable throughout the day.

It can be hard to decide what a healthy lunch is especially when most of us are so concerned about things like if we’ve had enough caffeine to stay awake and where the Advil is when that pesky headache rolls around. Not only are adults eating less than great lunches nutrient wise. But the average school lunch isn’t exactly the best thing for your little ones either, Typically containing preservatives , High fat and salt content, And mystery products that you may never find out what they really are.

When were all so busy these days it can be time consuming and annoying to try to pack healthy lunches for you and the kids. But a healthy lunch will keep you and your family more contented, energized and in a better mood all day long, Aside from the fact that it is just better for your and their health in general. Keeping a well rounded diet is something that us as Americans are not the greatest at with snack foods plastered on every bill board and commercial. But it can be as easy as taking a few minutes to put together a lunch that is 100 times better than the ones you are eating currently.

Some Healthy lunch ideas are things like a combination of sandwiches made with whole grain bread, Dairy products like cheese sticks and yogurt, A serving of your favorite fruit or vegetable and water, fruit juice or milk. Where this may seem like a lot to pull together for you and each member of your family every day. If you take 10 minutes at night to throw these things in a lunch pale, Everyone will have a healthy lunch and considering that probably also a better day for the whole family.

We get wrapped up a lot in daunting work tasks, errands, and other daily life annoyances and often forget that feeding ourselves correctly is important. A healthy lunch in the middle of the day can help you run through the day with ease. Take the 5 minutes and pack it. It may save you a headache, Some irritability and possibly some grumpy kids!

13 Jun 2013

You Never Lose When You Explore Healthy Lunch Ideas

Healthy lunches

Eating a lunch that is healthy and nutritious can do absolute wonders for everything in your life. I am not exaggerating when I say that it truly matters what goes into your body at every meal. And if you want to improve the way that you look and feel without sacrificing too much, then implementing lunches that are healthy and good for you, that boost your metabolism, and that keep you healthy are a good start. Consider looking up healthy lunch ideas to get you started.

With healthy lunch ideas, you arm yourself, and more importantly your family, with key tools to transform the eating experience. You may have noticed that you often feel sluggish and lethargic after eating foods that are not considered healthy. This is the fuel that you put into your body, so knowing what is going in will only educate you and everyone around you to more carefully look at what goes into it. More often than not, healthy lunch ideas can point you toward better choices.

With healthy lunch ideas, you take yourself out of the unenviable role of having to come up with healthy lunches every day of the week. Well, you still likely will need to make them for yourself, for your spouse, and for your kids if that is what happens in your household, but you are no longer responsible for the ideas themselves. Someone else is feeding them to you, quite literally, and you just have to make what is being put out there for you to explore.

With healthy lunch ideas, you have instructions and recipes for excellently tasted dishes that are usually pretty simple to make. Lunch generally is a less elaborate meal, compared with dinner, which can get really elaborate with all of the side dishes and everything. But in understanding the healthy lunch ideas that are available, you can put together some truly delicious meals without much fuss.

With healthy lunch ideas, you can empower yourself to be a better cook, or a better collaborator of lunches. As mentioned above, lunches usually are pretty quick and easy to put together, and they generally involve soups and sandwiches and other meals that are lacking in the bells and whistles department. In creating some fantastic dishes that are healthy for you, then, you can become empowered to cook this way all of the time, for your health and for the health of others for whom you cook.

08 Jun 2013

Adjusting Eating Habits Toward a Healthy Lunch

Healthy lunches

Healthy lunches do not have to be a complex, unattainable goal. There are several tips that you can use for healthy lunch ideas that will help you eat better and ultimately feel better. Face it, a healthy lunch can be an enjoyable way to take care of yourself.

One of the first considerations for healthy lunches is to begin thinking in terms of moderation. Any adjustment to your diet does not have to be a drastic shift. You may have developed less healthy habits over the years that have affected your health, but you can gradually change your habits and thoughts so that you are consistently enjoying healthy lunches. Do you eat lots of sugary, fatty foods? Begin to take inventory of these snacks and desserts so that you can begin to transition away from them. Just making one change to your diet can begin to make a big improvement to your health.

Make sure you are adding adequate fruits and vegetables to your diet. By eating foods that have less calories and more vitamins, minerals and fiber you will not suffer from those feelings being stuffed and overeating. Additionally, you will find that your appetite will adjust to new preferences for the healthier fare.

Eating healthy carbohydrates take longer to digest meaning that you will benefit by feeling fuller longer and not have a need for constant unhealthy snacking. For example, healthy lunches can use a whole wheat bread instead of traditional sandwich bread for the simplest lunches. Including healthy carbs in your healthy lunches also means that your insulin and sugar levels are kept in check without the spikes that alter your energy levels.

While protein is an important component for healthy lunches and other meals, we can limit the amount that we eat. Americans typically eat too much protein, or more than necessary. Start to think of the proteins as providing a supporting role to healthy lunches. You can add less meat, nuts and certain legumes and still get the benefits of a healthy diet.

20 May 2013

Don’t Fall Asleep At Your Desk

Healthy lunch ideas

Healthy lunch ideas are easy to come by when you know where to look. Checking out your local bookstore for cookbooks is a good start, or just browsing the internet. There are options for everyone to enjoy.

Instead of going with grease, try eating a hearty salad. They will still leave you feeling very full but not so much that you are sleepy by the time you have to get back to work. The worst feeling after eating lunch at work is feeling really tired from the heavy food that you ate. If you are looking for healthy lunch ideas to replace your bad eating habits, checking out some unique cookbooks is a good start.

By taking some healthy lunch ideas and bringing them to your office, you might be helping a few other people out who are in your predicament. Instead of dropping ten dollars a day on lunch that is not always great for you, do some extra grocery shopping for your healthy lunch ideas and cook at home. You will feel better after you eat it and it will not make you feel sleepy and guilty for the rest of your work day.

When you are going to work in an office every day, lunch is one of the times you will end up looking forward to. There is no denying it, it becomes one of the high lights of your day when you are wasting away in an office chair. A lot of people like to go out to lunch to subside that feeling, but going out to lunch constantly gets very expensive and fattening. Instead of eating something bad for you, flip through a cookbook for some healthy lunch ideas.

Instead of counting the minutes till you can eat a big greasy burger, look forward to healthy lunches during your work week. There are a lot of ways to feel satisfied after a nice lunch without having to feel so guilty that you will not want to eat for the rest of the day.

18 May 2013