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Three Myths About Healthy Eating

Healthy lunches

Sure, everyone WANTS to eat healthier. But many things can get in the way… time constraints, money constraints, not to mention our “guilty pleasures” that can be so hard to resist. Here are some common myths about healthy eating.

Myth 1) “Preparing healthy meals takes too long.” In an age where we can microwave an entire frozen dinner in three minutes, the time it takes to prepare a healthy meal can seem relatively daunting. But something like a salad or a fruit cocktail can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. And with a large enough quantity, either can be jarred for lunch or breakfast the next day. And yes, some healthy lunch ideas or dinner ideas may take a little longer than we might be used to. But the more you do them, the faster you get. And that time can be reduced further by involving the whole family, which also gives you some quality bonding time.

Myth 2) “Buying healthy food costs too much.” Fresh vegetables and organic meats do cost a little bit more at the store. And they are much more difficult to buy in bulk, making it necessary to visit the grocery store more often. But with that little extra money and time comes more energy, better sleeping habits, and the overall improved sense of well being. And if you are the type of person who would rather have a straight up cost comparison with hard numbers, check out the cost of treating diabetes, heart problems, and cancer, and you will see immediately that spending a little more now can save both money AND your quality of life.

Myth 3) “I will never get to eat my favorite foods again.” Will you be able to eat three cupcakes alongside each of your healthy lunch ideas? No. But your favorite comfort foods can still be on the menu, if smartly placed. Some dietary programs recommend six days of “by the book” healthy eating, and one day where you get to eat whatever you want. With the balance tipped so heavily into the healthy category, your body is better able to deal with unhealthy food, versus having to deal with it on a daily basis. And your one “skip” day becomes something to look forward to all week, which may be just the motivation you need to keep you on the wagon.

Making healthy lunches, breakfasts, and dinners a part of your life takes initial research, planning, and dedication. But once you get in the habit, it can be as easy as tying your shoes, and it simply becomes a part of your life. And with the current trends of healthy lunch ideas and healthy living, the options available for healthy, easy, and delicious meals have never been more plentiful. See what possibilities exist, and think about what you could accomplish in your life with more energy, more focus, and a better night of sleep… all things that healthy eating can give you, if you want them.

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