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Nutritious Lunches, How To Pack a Vitamin Full Lunch

Healthy lunch

If your anything like me. I grab a couple cans of diet coke, Some chips maybe a granola bar and some cookies and head on my way out the door to work. However studies show a lot of us are missing out on a healthy lunch. A healthy lunch can help increase productivity at work , Keeping you feeling energized and ready for the day when one or two pm hits. Im no saint when it comes to eating habits. But I can say when I eat a healthy breakfast, A healthy Lunch and a Healthy dinner it leaves me feeling healthy, more content and less irritable throughout the day.

It can be hard to decide what a healthy lunch is especially when most of us are so concerned about things like if we’ve had enough caffeine to stay awake and where the Advil is when that pesky headache rolls around. Not only are adults eating less than great lunches nutrient wise. But the average school lunch isn’t exactly the best thing for your little ones either, Typically containing preservatives , High fat and salt content, And mystery products that you may never find out what they really are.

When were all so busy these days it can be time consuming and annoying to try to pack healthy lunches for you and the kids. But a healthy lunch will keep you and your family more contented, energized and in a better mood all day long, Aside from the fact that it is just better for your and their health in general. Keeping a well rounded diet is something that us as Americans are not the greatest at with snack foods plastered on every bill board and commercial. But it can be as easy as taking a few minutes to put together a lunch that is 100 times better than the ones you are eating currently.

Some Healthy lunch ideas are things like a combination of sandwiches made with whole grain bread, Dairy products like cheese sticks and yogurt, A serving of your favorite fruit or vegetable and water, fruit juice or milk. Where this may seem like a lot to pull together for you and each member of your family every day. If you take 10 minutes at night to throw these things in a lunch pale, Everyone will have a healthy lunch and considering that probably also a better day for the whole family.

We get wrapped up a lot in daunting work tasks, errands, and other daily life annoyances and often forget that feeding ourselves correctly is important. A healthy lunch in the middle of the day can help you run through the day with ease. Take the 5 minutes and pack it. It may save you a headache, Some irritability and possibly some grumpy kids!

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