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Put Down the Pizza, There Are Healthier Lunches You Could Have

Healthy lunch food

Whether you want to lose weight, or just feel better about the food you eat, there are a lot of great recipes, tips, and tricks out there to get you eating healthier. You may be focusing on one meal, and trying to eat healthy foods for lunch, or healthier meals at breakfast and dinner, so I have brought together a few tips to help you with any of those meals.

1. Try a bento.

A bento is a box container, traditionally used for packing meals in Japan. In a pinch, you could use a slightly larger Tupperware when you pack your lunch, and arrange healthy foods into the container in a way that mimics traditional Japanese bento. It is easy to make healthy foods for lunch when you use a bento, because the entire process of cooking and packing for a bento forces you to think very carefully about what you are putting into it.

Whereas, when you normally pack your own lunch it is more likely to involve grabbing anything quick and anything easy. This might be a frozen meal, or leftovers from last night. Sometimes packing a lunch without mindfulness involves giving up on the packing altogether and just going out for lunch.

2. Hide the junk.

Did you know that if you hide your junk food, you will be less likely to eat it? The phrase out of sight, out of mind, is true. Keep snacks, chocolate, and your less healthy foods tucked away in cabinets and out of your line of sight. The very best way to do this, though, is to not buy the junk in the first place.

3. Prep early, prep often.

As soon as you get home from the grocery store with all those fruits and vegetables, get to work prepping some of the simpler items so that you do not find yourself staring at the fridge, wondering what to eat. If something is ready to go, then you will be more likely to eat it than rely on an old standby which might be less healthy. For example, get those carrots washed and in to sticks, portion out mini yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit and granola, and make a salad or two ahead of time. You will find that having healthy foods for lunch is easier when the meal is ready when you are.

4. Be prepared.

Healthy on the go lunches need not be anything more complicated than a few baggies of grapes, berries, sliced cheese, and some whole grain crackers or rolls. Go for items that are not very perishable, or make sure to include an ice pack.

For more tips on healthy eating, the internet has about a million articles, easy recipes, and great suggestions for making healthy meals for lunch or anytime. Feel good about your decision to eat more healthfully. If everyone ate their five cups of fruits and vegetables it would prevent about 15,000 early deaths. The only trick to eating healthier is making it easier for yourself to enjoy the healthy foods you like.

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