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Why Every Serious Beer Drinker Needs A Growler

What Is A Growler?

Beer growlers are one of the best ways to store and transport all of your favorite beer brands. It’s an airtight vessel that can be made out of stainless steel, glass, and ceramic. With it, you can fill up with your favourite types of beer and take them with you wherever you want. If you’re a serious beer drinker, a growler is something you’re going to want to have in your arsenal the next time you head to the pub.

How To Fill Up Your Growler

Once you’ve invested in this brilliant beer storing invention, it’s time to fill it up! The first thing you’re going to need is a place that offers growler fills. And, while not all pubs offer is service, you’ll be surprised at the amount that do. Ask at your favorite spot the next time you’re there, or do a quick internet search, you’ll quickly zero in on a bar that can fill you up with your favorite beer brands.

Filling Methods

When filling up a growler you shouldn’t just pop the top and holding it under the tap. A couple of the most common methods of filling include:

  • Bottom Up. This is one of the most traditional and common ways of filling up a growler. When using this method the bartender will attach a hose like tube to the tap and insert it into the growler. This method helps prevent spilling, and lessens the time it takes to fill the growler. However, with this method more oxygen can make its way in, meaning the beer may go stale quicker than usual. Granted, that’s just one more reason to drink it within the next couple of days!
  • Counter Pressure CO2. This is another method that some bartenders will use that is capable of lessening the amount of oxygen that gets inside. While not as popular as the above method, it will help keep beer fresh just a little bit longer.
  • Straight From The Tap. I know I said you shouldn’t just put the growler up to the tap; however, just because you shouldn’t doesn’t mean you can’t. While this method will work, you will get more foam head than with other methods, along with the high possibility of spillage. This can mean a lot of clean up, and a lot of wasted beer, if your not careful. This method should only be used as a last resort when you’re really, really thirsty and have no access to any of the above.

The Benefits Of Growlers

  • Transport. Growlers are one of the best ways of transporting your favorite beer brands straight from the tap. Take them home, to a concert, on a camping trip, really anywhere you’d like! All without the worry of the beer going stale quickly, or spilling all over the place. This also gives you the option of sharing your favorite beer brands with friend who can’t get to the pub often. Just bring home a pint and show them just how great it really is!
  • From The Brewery. If you live near a brewery, and local laws permit it. You can bring home your favourite local brews straight from the source. This allows you to enjoy a premium cold one right from the comfort of your home, any time you want.
  • Home Brewing. Bottling can become a chore if you brew your own beer at home. Filling up your growlers with what you make gives you an easy way to share your brew with friends, or even store it for later drinking on your own!
  • A New Keg. If you want to tap a new keg, but don’t want to waste anything from your old one, store the bit that’s left in a growler. The means you and your friends won’t have to go dry while the new keg gets set up, and you have extra on hand if you need it.

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