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Birthday Weekends Are Made for Celebrating

Your kids do not have the average kind of grandparents.

And you have the videos to prove it!

You have gotten in the habit of celebrating your dad’s birthday at the lake. With an enormous home just a few miles from the water, your dad has always invited all of his kids and grandkids to the lake for a big cookout. And every year he has made a point of making sure that he gets up on water skis at least once. When the grandkids were little, he wold get up on skis to show the new generation how it was done, and then he would get in the water and help the newest skiers how to get started.

This summer, on the year that he turned 76, he water skied again, and you made sure that someone video taped while you drove the boat. The video nearly went viral as your friends and family shared their congratulations and their birthday greetings.

Not to be outdone, and perhaps a little jealous of all the attention, both your mother and your mother-in-law agreed to go tubing. With your wife between them to serve as an extra way to hold on, you again drive the boat and had someone else video the event. Although none of the three grandparents were up for a repeat performance that weekend, the videos will be a constant reminder of how these are no ordinary grandparents.

In honor of his birthday, and even before the water skiing, your kids gave their grandpa one of three growlers they had custom made for the weekend. Your teenagers like to call them Grandparent Growlers, and they are intended to let all three of their living grandparents be able to identify their drinks. The skiing and tubing grandparents all like to enjoy a beer or two every now and then, but more than anything they want to know where their drink cups are. They also want to make sure that everyone else knows to stay away! The custom made growlers were a huge hit!

Beer Drinkers of All Ages Love to Commemorate Their Events!

Whether it is a birthday weekend at the lake or a wedding weekend back home, it is important to have a way to celebrate. Creating custom cups and growlers can help. From local brews to types of beer that are only brewed once or twice a year, there are many kinds of ales, so it makes since that there should also be many kinds of cups. Insulated growlers that keep the suds cold during an outdoor cookout and fancy flutes that work for the bride and groom at the wedding reception, it is fun to find a way to commemorate any special event.

If you are a big beer drinker, it may come as no surprise that small and independent craft brewers now represent 12% market share of the overall beer industry. In fact, some locations have made their fame simply by the tasty craft beers that they serve. And while there is no set of beer brands that will please all consumers, there are a growing number of pubs and bars that pride themselves with having a very large and extensive selection.

Brewpubs, microbreweries, regional craft breweries, and contract brewing companies are the four distinct craft beer industry market segments in America today, so it should come as no surprise that there are fans of all of these different types. On the lake, in the home, and at the bar, there are plenty of places to enjoy the beer that you like the best. Especially if you no which growler is yours!

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