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Taking A Look At Wine Consumption in The United States

If you’re a wine drinker here in the United States, you are most certainly not alone. As a matter of fact, more than 85% of all people have tried alcohol at least once – and many are relatively regular drinkers, while many more drink but only on an occasional basis. Fortunately, there is also a wide array of alcohol available to people here in the United States, making it easy for just about anyone to find a drink that they like. And with more than 60% of older generations and more than 70% of millennials consider themselves to be drinkers, it is clear that many people are finding their ideal drink (or even a number of them, for that matter).

For many people, this drink will be wine. After all, there is just an immense number of different wine varieties available not just throughout the United States, but in the world at large as well. Red wines and white wines are popular and even within these classifications a good number of different wine types can be found. Roses have also grown prominent, as have red/white blends. And with so many different types of wine so readily available, there is most likely going to be a wine that just about every single person can enjoy, if not all out love. After all, there are more than 10,000 different types of wine grapes currently used to make wine, making the chances of finding a wine that you enjoy very much in your favor indeed.

Wine is perfect for so many situations, after all. It’s a great casual beverage, as the average glass of wine is only just a mere five ounces in total, an amount that the majority of all adults will be able to tolerate well without even a hint of inebriation. From having a glass of wine in the evenings, particularly after a long day at work or perhaps a long day of parenting, to having a glass of wine with dinner or while out with friends, the options are just about limitless.

On top of this, drinking wine as a part of a celebration is also quite commonplace indeed. After all, holidays like New Year’s Eve contain a lot of drinking, so much so that more than 40% of all adult women (of a legal drinking age) say that they association this particular holiday more with alcohol than any other day of the year. Of course, celebratory events like weddings and birthdays are perfect for opening up a bottle of wine as well.

But where, exactly, does one obtain this wine? Actually, there are a number of different places where wine can be readily purchased. Wineries mark the ideal place for a day out, as there are now more than 7,500 of them found all throughout the United States, both continental and beyond. For many people, going to a winery for a day is the perfect way to learn more about the wine that they consume, as well as to try new types of wine that one might end up loving and stocking up on.

Buying wine online has also grown more and more popular with each passing year. After all, more than three quarters of all consumers found all throughout the United States have admitted to buying at least one product online. And many of these products are likely to include wine online, procured from wine online shopping endeavors and through online wine sellers. When it comes to buying wine online, after all, it is likely that cheap wine online is going to be quite easy to find. Wine deals online are becoming more and more prevalent, and are certainly a great way to incentivize people to buy wine online instead of from a brick and mortar liquor store – or even a winery itself.

At the end of the day, wine deals online are likely to become more and more prevalent with the passage of time. For a great many people, wine deals online will make buying wine easier than ever before, meaning that they are almost certainly likely to buy more of it than they would have before wine online shopping practices.

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