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Hosting The Best Chocolate Themed Party 5 Things That You Need To Know

Statistics show that Americans consume 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate annually. This translates to more than 11 pounds of chocolate per person. Such figures are proof that most U.S. citizens, if not all, have a soft spot for products such as chocolate candy. Planning a party today or soon? A chocolate-themed party is the way to go. The truth is, pinpointing the best party theme can be a daunting task. But the good news is that chocolate makes this much easy. A chocolate theme has what it takes to make an average party fun, jaw-dropping and wildly creative. Here are tips to help you have the best chocolate party preparations.

Chocolate Bar Invitations

The first step when hosting a party is all about inviting people. Giving your friends a sneak preview will make them look forward to attending your party. There is no better way to go about this than using a chocolate bar. Chocolate bars offer the best platform to let people know about the date and time of the party. It also doubles up as a way to help guests sample what will be at the party. Wondering how to make an ordinary chocolate bar party invitation? Start by typing essential information on a word document. Feel free to add clipart and then print on decorative paper. Finally, wrap and stick the paper to the chocolate bar. Additions such as thank you candy will help invitees feel appreciated.


There are many ways of decorating a chocolate theme party. Selecting a color scheme with brown as the primary component is an ideal place to start. Pink or red are additional colors to consider when celebrating Valentine’s Day. The color scheme should blend with other aspects, such as the color of your child’s preferred candy wrapper. Using the color scheme on things like the thank you candy, balloons, and tableware will help make the decorations topnotch. Additional decorating ideas for your chocolate-themed party include:

  • Arranging chocolate chips or thank you candy into a heart-shape when having Valentine’s Day party. You could also fill a heart-shaped bowl serving as a centerpiece with thank you candy.
  • Having miniature chocolate bars strung together to form party garlands.
  • Writing each guest’s name on their plate using chocolate syrup. You can also spell out the guests’ names by arranging chocolate chips.
  • Hanging a chocolate garland at the front door. Use silver and red wrapped chocolate during Valentine’s Day party. Note that silver will come in handy on all occasions.
  • Using small or even bulk chocolate as table confetti.


Making something chocolate-related is among the best activities in this case. Gathering children in the kitchen to decorate, create, or bake a fun chocolate recipe is a good way to go about this. Among the best chocolate-inspired activities are:

  • Baking and decorating chocolate cookies, cake pops, or cupcakes.
  • Preparing chocolate hearts.
  • Making lollipops from chocolate molds and melts.
  • Building and decorating chocolate houses. Chocolate frosting and graham crackers are the best to use.
  • Preparing chocolate pretzels.
  • Enjoying a popcorn movie snack with chocolate chips.
  • Reading chocolate-inspired storybooks.

Chocolate Menu

Sure, chocolate is the main focus, but the last thing you want is children overloading on sugar. Serving a somewhat healthy dish is something you need to consider. Some menu chocolate ideas include:

  • Serving milkshakes or chocolate milk.
  • Chocolate mixes consisting of ingredients such as chocolate yogurt, chocolate cereal, and chocolate covered pretzels.
  • Baking chocolate chip cookie cakes.

Party Favors

The kids will most likely feel happy after learning about creating chocolate recipes. Sending them with party favors will help them continue with the same at home. A jar with chocolate cake ingredients coupled with a recipe card is a perfect party favor example. Other party favors include chocolate boxes, chocolate syrup boxes, chocolate cooking books, and chocolate lollipops.

Final Word

There is only one chance to make your party memorable. Having a chocolate-themed party will help you get things right from the word go. With the above tips, you have all it takes to get the best results! All you need do is buy chocolate candy online and get started. Thanks to the internet, buying chocolate candy online is only a click away!

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