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How to Find the Best Local Restaurants

Sure, you could use search engintes to find open restaurants when you travel, but you’ll probably end up with a list of touristy eateries, as this video mentions. Using Grubhub or a similar food delivery service to read restaurant reviews typically provides information on fast food and quick-service dining establishments. It doesn’t offer reviews of four- and five-star restaurants.

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Find tasty local options by reading food bloggers and travel bloggers. Dive into a few travel magazines online or at your local library. Ask friends who travel frequently where they enjoyed dining when they visited your intended destination. Explore forums related to food, lodging, and travel to unearth local gems.

Visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website and use its search to find just the right eatery. Limit your search to BBB-accredited businesses. Use the search boxes at the top of the page to limit the type of business and location. Once the BBB site provides your search results, click on the “Categories” drop-down menu to hone your search using terms like Mexican Food, Italian Food, or Seafood Retail.

One of the joys of traveling comes from tasting the local food. Follow these suggestions to find the tastiest spots from fellow travelers and locals before you take your trip. Plan ahead by making reservations for fine restaurants, and enjoy your travel cuisine.

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