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The Basics of Sausage Casings

Making sausage at home is a great way to give yourself complete control over what goes into the final product. Instead of trusting large meatpacking companies to only put the best ingredients into the sausage you eat, you can have complete certainty that you’re only putting the best food into your body.

Although you can make loose ground sausage into patties and enjoy eating it that way, you won’t get the full sausage experience without stuffing it into sausage casings. Sausage casings make sure the final product is completely uniform in diameter, ensuring even cooking.

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They also just hold the sausage together, allowing you to eat it on a bun or slice it into rounds.

This video goes over the reasons you need to use sausage casings and the different types of sausage casings. Typically, home cooks can find natural casings and collagen casings. Cellulose casings are inedible, but they will keep sausages intact during any kind of cooking process. These casings have markings on the outside, so you’ll never have to worry about serving them to your guests.

If you’re ready to up your home-cooking game, try purchasing a sausage stuffer and a variety of sausage casings to experiment with.

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