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Five Facts Every Pizza Lover Should Know About Pizza

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Pizza: although it originated outside of the United States, it’s one of the most popular Italian foods in the country. It’s the favorite food of students, families, party hosts, offices in need of lunch catering, and anyone looking for fast food delivery at all hours of the day and evening. Plenty of pizza places offer discounted pizza deals and delivery services for their customers to give them the best food and service their money can buy. Many Italian restaurants and pizza places also serve dishes such as pasta, salads, and other Italian foods. Check online and in your local newspaper for pizza deals and other coupons to experience these foods for yourself.

Not craving pizza just yet? Check out these five fun facts about pizza to whet your appetite:

1. What we’re used to as pizza or pasta in the United States looks entirely different in Italy! Authentic Italian dishes such as pizza and lasagna can differ greatly from their American counterparts in terms of cooking style and use of ingredients. Keep this in mind if you do any foreign travel.

2. Many of those popular authentic dishes originate in the central region of Italy in areas such as Tuscany and Rome. These cities are where the most popular Italian cheeses and tomato sauces come from, in addition to other ingredients that might go into your pizza, such as cured meats and olive oil. However, there are plenty of other ingredients you can use in or on your pizza. The most popular one is…

3. Pepperoni! According to the website Statistic Brain, we in the United States consume, on average, a whopping 252 million pounds of pepperoni on our pizzas each year. Other toppings such as vegetables and other types meat are popular as well, and most pizza places will allow you to order any combination of toppings you prefer.

4. Just as there are plenty of toppings, there are plenty of different kinds of pizza as well. Some restaurants that serve pizza offer thick crust, deep dish crusts, and pizza crusts stuffed with cheese or other ingredients. Some places will even serve those with specific dietary requirements, such as those who need gluten-free (or wheat-free) pizza! The most popular type of pizza crust, however, is thin crust. Statistic Brain reports that 61% of Americans prefer their crusts thin rather than thick.

5. Finally, estimates that there are around 70,000 pizzerias in the United States. Many of these places are small businesses, too. Running a restaurant isn’t easy, especially one that delivers food. But it’s nice to know that Americans’ desire for pizza also helps support these hardworking businesses and their local economies when ordering from a family-owned pizzeria!

Hungry yet? Check out online pizza deals and get your pizza delivered when you need it. As the Italians like to say before a meal, “Mangia!” (“Eat!”) Good refereneces.

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