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Looking to Make Your Own Moonshine?

Moonshine whiskey recipe

Did you know the term “moonshine” was actually developed by British Settlers to describe various tasks that had to be completed at night? Today, moonshine generally refers to homemade alcohol, and by and large, there are many ways to make moonshine at home. However, distilling at home generally requires more than home distillery kits and moonshining equipment and supplies.

Anyone who knows how to distill whiskey at home knows how difficult it can be. Interestingly, in the Appalachian Mountains of the United States, the creation of moonshine is still immensely popular. With that said, making your own moonshine is a creative, cost-effective way to create unique whiskey.

Even with the best home distilling supplies, distilling whiskey at home can be a challenge. Importantly, it can be very dangerous and even fatal if done wrong, so it is incredibly important to know how to distill whiskey at home before you engage in the actual production of it.

Making your own moonshine at home is a lot more complicated than simply buying moonshine kits and equipment. A lot goes into the production of a good batch of moonshine, and if often requires experts to make it correctly. Though it is frequently packaged in either a clay jug or mason jar in the United States, moonshine can be sold in a number of different bottles or packages, and when you make your own moonshine, you can put it into all sorts of different vessels.

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