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Acquiring A Food Protection Certificate

Food and hygiene course

Campylobacter is a type of bacterial pathogen that leads to diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, and is the most common bacteria that causes diarrheal illness in the world. Perishable food that is refrigerated will slow down bacterial growth by a large margin, but will not stop it completely. A food safety certification program will likely help any restaurant with food quality management. Along with this certification, there are quite a few others that will also help restaurants in terms of restaurant food safety and more. Obtaining a food protection certificate will also teach you things to look out for in class. Taking a food protection course is highly recommended for anyone in the commercial food handling industry to not only acquires a food protection certificate, but to also become better versed in how to ensure food remains bacteria free.

Eating and drinking in the kitchen is indeed a health code violation and all meals need to be consumed in an employee break room or sorts. Food related illness is even more of a concern to certain people such as pregnant women, the elderly, young children and anyone that current has an immune compromised system. Restaurants must stay current with food and sanitation practices as a customer becoming ill will gravely hurt business and possibly even lead to a lawsuit. Taking the steps to get a food protection certificate along with others like a food handling certificate will only help your staff learn better ways to keep everything sterile.

05 Feb 2013

Denton Texas, A Place with a Restaurant Which Is Just for You

Restaurants flower mound texas

If you are looking for denton restaurants, almost anyplace is a good place to start. For good texas cooking, denton restaurants provide fine dining denton tx. And denton is not the only community with a lot to offer. There are restaurants in corinth tx, restaurants in flower mound tx and restaurants in highland village tx as well. denton restaurants benefit for texas rich diversity and fine history to put together a fine texas plate. restaurants in denton tx have what everyone needs.

denton restaurants include local bars and saloons which serve beer and whiskey, burgers and philly cheese steak sandwiches and fries and chips. denton tx also offers lots of familiar ethnic cuisines. Do you want tomales? There are restaurants which serve that. Is someone looking for a Chicago pie pizza or a New York style thin crusted pizza? Some restaurants offer one, some offer the other and some offer both.

But denton restaurants are represented by much more than the sort that requires a waiter and a server. There are numerous options which deliver and others which provide take out. Many of the restaurants offer fast food options. And not all of these restaurants are the type that provide food which was cooked hours or days before and just heated up for the occasion. There are grills which offer fresh hamburgers or sandwiches on the spot.

Even if you just go to a street vendor, the chances are that you are going to find a service which works for you. Whether it is a hotdog or a sloppy joe, you can find a product which will make you feel welcome.

From the formal dining room to the street, denton restaurants offer numerous opportunities for texans and visitors to find the food they want. Sometimes you might want to cook your own, but for the nights that you do not, denton tx is ready to welcome you.

05 Feb 2013

Food handling courses can prevent illness, loss of business

Food protection course

Those who work in the food service industry understand the importance of proper food handling and food safety. The standards in this line of work are stringent because of the nature of the business. Restaurant and other commercial food preparation businesses must consider restaurant food safety as a top priority.
Through food handling courses, participants can learn about food and sanitation, methods for proper handling food and can even earn food safety certification or food handlers permit online. These online courses provide engaging testing and training about important food handler issues from personal hygiene, cross contamination to time and temperature abuse.
A food handling course can dispel certain food and sanitation myths such as frozen foods, once thawed, cannot be refrozen. It is indeed true that they can be, as long as they thawing process takes place in a refrigerator or cooler and not at room temperature where bacteria can grow.
Such food handling courses are designed to train employees, both beginner and skilled, about the dangers of improper food handling or food abuse. If salmonellosis, an illness caused by salmonella bacterium, is present, it can be devastating to food related businesses. It is estimated that the illness costs the industry about $2.65 billion annually. Another toxic bacterium associated with improper food handling is E.coli, which produces a deadly toxin. It is responsible for about 73,000 cases of foodborne illness each year in the U.S. It can develop in raw and undercooked foods and liquids such as beef, milk and unpasteurized juices. Improper food care or handling can also result in Botulism, a potentially fatal illness that can incubate in improperly prepared home canned food.

04 Feb 2013

Recipes Using Hummus

Hummus dip recipe

The Arabic word for “chickpeas” is hummus, which is the name of a popular dip. The Arabic term “hummus bi tahini” means “chickpeas with tahini.” There are several recipes using hummus that can be found easily online. Hummus dip recipes are high in iron and vitamin C. Hummus recipes are also full of folate and vitamin B6. Recipes using hummus can be found on cooking sites, social networks, blogs, and review sites. Some recipes are spicy, which is a preference many people like. Spicy hummus dip is used for a variety of snacks as well. People also have different hummus brands to choose form.

Some of the popular varieties of recipes using hummus involve red peppers, garlic, pine nuts, spinach, and artichoke. Sun dried tomatoes and lemons are also popular with recipes using hummus. Jalapenos are also commonly used with recipes using hummus. The largest ever dish of hummus was 8 tons of boiled chick peas and 2 tones of tahini, which was recorded by the Guinness World Record. In October of 2008, the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade was petitioned by the Association of Lebanese Industrialists to protect hummus as a uniquely Lebanese food. More information about recipes using hummus can be discovered online
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03 Feb 2013

The benefits of point of use water coolers

Bottle free water coolers

The term water cooler refers to the place in the office where employees gather to gossip. But when you are talking about water cooler, today it refers to bottles water system. The bottleless water cooler system is the latest in water cooling and filtration system for homes and offices. Almost all bottled water stars with the municipal water that is filtered and then bottled. This is the same with individual sized bottles as well as the five gallon carboys. In bottleless water system, you have your own filtration system. You can then get the water from the faucets of the unit or dispenser. Aside from this, the point of use water coolers provide more benefits than the bottled water cooler system.

You may be surprised to know that the average person consumes about up to 100 gallons of water everyday. And according to the sales figure of Beverage Marketing Corporation, in 2011 the total bottled water sales in the US reached 9.1 billion gallons. That is 29.9 per person. Just imagine how many bottles of water are produced and wasted every year. In this alone point of use water coolers is more environmental friendly than the bottled water. Second, when it comes to health benefits, point of use water coolers offers more benefits than bottled water. Bottleless water cooler system or point of use water coolers are better than the ones that use bottles because the bottleless water coolers prevent bacteria from getting into the water. Third, there is also no need to have storage room for your bottles. This can be a big problem in many offices especially in large offices with many employees.

03 Feb 2013

Firestix, A Tasty and Unexpected Accent

Micro rainbow mix

Microgreens are the tender young greens of various edible plants, herbs and vegetables. Microgreens really live up to their “micro” title. These tiny bundles of taste are generally harvested when the plant is less that one and a half inches tall, and one half to and inch across the top.

Delicate microgreens are used to add bold color, new texture and vibrant taste to a variety of foods. Microgreens can be found in salads, used as garnish and added to main course dishes. Many restaurants seek out microgreens and micro herbs and other specialty produce to make their dishes stand out.

The process of growing these much sought after greens is difficult and must be well timed by the grower. Microgreens begin as seeds, planted in soil or soil substitutes such as peat moss. The greens must be tended to and watered carefully, coaxing the small plants to grow. The timing of the next step is of the most importance so that the best product arrives at a customers table. A grower must harvest microgreens before they get to big and pack and ship them at peak freshness to customers or restaurants looking to feature them.

Many growers of specialty greens offer a wide variety of other unique products. Their selection can even include edible flowers for salads and desserts. Many people do not realize that eating flowers is not as strange as it sounds. Without thinking about it people consume many types of flowers including broccoli, cauliflower, artichokes and capers.

A beautiful example of edible flowers are the stunning Firestix. Firestix are harvested from the amaranth plant and add bold vibrant color to anything they garnish. Firestix can be used in place of a mundane garnish like parsley to add an unexpected splash of color to any dish. The many colors of Firestix enhance any dish, savory or sweet. Edible flowers like Firestix are even gorgeous when used to garnish a cup of tea and add extra oomph to a signature cocktail.

01 Feb 2013