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Acquiring A Food Protection Certificate

Food and hygiene course

Campylobacter is a type of bacterial pathogen that leads to diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, and is the most common bacteria that causes diarrheal illness in the world. Perishable food that is refrigerated will slow down bacterial growth by a large margin, but will not stop it completely. A food safety certification program will likely help any restaurant with food quality management. Along with this certification, there are quite a few others that will also help restaurants in terms of restaurant food safety and more. Obtaining a food protection certificate will also teach you things to look out for in class. Taking a food protection course is highly recommended for anyone in the commercial food handling industry to not only acquires a food protection certificate, but to also become better versed in how to ensure food remains bacteria free.

Eating and drinking in the kitchen is indeed a health code violation and all meals need to be consumed in an employee break room or sorts. Food related illness is even more of a concern to certain people such as pregnant women, the elderly, young children and anyone that current has an immune compromised system. Restaurants must stay current with food and sanitation practices as a customer becoming ill will gravely hurt business and possibly even lead to a lawsuit. Taking the steps to get a food protection certificate along with others like a food handling certificate will only help your staff learn better ways to keep everything sterile.

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