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Firestix, A Tasty and Unexpected Accent

Micro rainbow mix

Microgreens are the tender young greens of various edible plants, herbs and vegetables. Microgreens really live up to their “micro” title. These tiny bundles of taste are generally harvested when the plant is less that one and a half inches tall, and one half to and inch across the top.

Delicate microgreens are used to add bold color, new texture and vibrant taste to a variety of foods. Microgreens can be found in salads, used as garnish and added to main course dishes. Many restaurants seek out microgreens and micro herbs and other specialty produce to make their dishes stand out.

The process of growing these much sought after greens is difficult and must be well timed by the grower. Microgreens begin as seeds, planted in soil or soil substitutes such as peat moss. The greens must be tended to and watered carefully, coaxing the small plants to grow. The timing of the next step is of the most importance so that the best product arrives at a customers table. A grower must harvest microgreens before they get to big and pack and ship them at peak freshness to customers or restaurants looking to feature them.

Many growers of specialty greens offer a wide variety of other unique products. Their selection can even include edible flowers for salads and desserts. Many people do not realize that eating flowers is not as strange as it sounds. Without thinking about it people consume many types of flowers including broccoli, cauliflower, artichokes and capers.

A beautiful example of edible flowers are the stunning Firestix. Firestix are harvested from the amaranth plant and add bold vibrant color to anything they garnish. Firestix can be used in place of a mundane garnish like parsley to add an unexpected splash of color to any dish. The many colors of Firestix enhance any dish, savory or sweet. Edible flowers like Firestix are even gorgeous when used to garnish a cup of tea and add extra oomph to a signature cocktail.

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