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Your Simple Guide to Hummus

What is salsa

The earliest documented recipe similar to the modern day hummus can be traced back to 13th century Egypt. Hummus also has origins in countries such as Palestine, Yemen, Syria, and Israel. The dip first came to America in the 1960s and 1970s, but was sold only in health food stores. After several decades, it became popular with mainstream customers and can now be found in many grocery stores.

What Exactly is Hummus?

The word hummus is actually an Arabic word that means “chickpeas.” The hummus dip that is eaten in America is known as “hummus bi tahini,” which means “chickpeas with tahini.” Hummus is made by mashing chickpeas and then mixing them with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and salt.

Is it Healthy?

One serving of hummus can provide a person with a percentage of the recommended amount of riboflavin, calcium, Vitamin B6, and potassium. Hummus contains no saturated fat or cholesterol, and just two spoonfuls of hummus a day will fulfill your bean recommendations for a week.

What It Can Do for Your Body

The hummus/chickpea eating population had a higher Healthy Eating Index (HEI), lower Body Mass Index (BMI)scores, and smaller waist circumferences. Research has also shown that consuming fruits and vegetables three or more times a day was associated with a 27% lower incident of stroke, 42% lower incident of stroke mortality, and 25% lower cardiovascular disease mortality.

How to Eat Hummus

Hummus is commonly used as a dip for vegetables and pita bread. It can also be used in recipes or as a sandwich spread. There are many variations of hummus recipes, which include basil pesto hummus, red pepper, and roasted garlic hummus dip.

When to Serve Hummus

Hummus should be served at room temperature and is a perfect side for a variety of occasions. Christmas parties, Thanksgiving, work events, and summer grilling are all great times to serve hummus. Make sure to bring different flavors of hummus so your guests can have a choice of dips.

Fun Facts About Hummus

The Guinness Book of World Record for the largest dish of hummus ever prepared involved eight tons of boiled chickpeas, two tons of tahini, two tons of lemon juice, and 154 pounds of olive oil. The record setting dish weighed more than four tons once it was complete!

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