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Recipe for hummus

If you’ve been to a party anytime in the last decade or so, you’ve probably seen a container of hummus placed on the appetizer table, usually with a bag of pita chips nearby. It’s likely that you’ve enjoyed the taste, but did you know that hummus is actually a healthful snack?

Originating in the Middle East, hummus is a thick spread comprised of ground-up chickpeas, and blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. There are many different types of hummus as well as recipes to utilize hummus, which makes it one of the most popular dips around. In fact, some 15 million Americans consume hummus on a regular basis.

It has been well-documented that eating legumes at least four times a week can lead to an approximate 22% lower risk of coronary heart disease, and an average of 11% decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. That is certainly some amazing news; what’s even more amazing is that it only takes a small amount of hummus to gain these effective benefits. It takes a mere two spoonfuls of hummus daily to accomplish your weekly legume recommendation for the entire week!
Recent studies have also acknowledged that regular consumption of hummus also works wonders for your waistline. Those who regularly eat hummus showed significantly higher Health Eating Index (HEI)scores and increasingly lower Body Mass Index (BMI)scores.

It’s clear that incorporating hummus into your daily diet is a nutritious and delicious way to gain some amazing healthy rewards. So next time you see hummus at a party, dip away!

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