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When and Where to Buy Some Fine Wine

Wine ranks among the most popular beverages in the world today, alongside beer, coffee, tea, and plain water. Wine, made from fermented grapes, dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, and in fact today’s word “wine” comes from the Latin “vinum” for this drink. France and Italy have made fine wines for centuries, with their climate and terrain friendly for grape growth at vineyards. Many French and Italian wine brand names are well-regarded, but recently, the United States has emerged as the world’s third major wine-producing nation. Nearly all American states have at least one vineyard in them, and California alone has the lion’s share of them, being home to 90% of American wineries. But no matter where wine comes from, many wine lovers today are looking for wine brands and flavors of all sorts, such as white pear wine, Pinot Noir, red wines, and more. When a customer wants a fine bottle of white pear wine, for example, where can they get it? And what occasions call for white pear wine, anyway?

Wine Consumption in the USA Today

What is there to know about wine and the people who drink it? Wine is not exclusively an upper-crust drink; many wines are quite affordable and still good quality, such as white pear wines or red wine. The United States is a major nation for wine consumption, and in 2016, some 949 million gallons of it were consumed. When is a good time to have wine? New Year’s is a popular time to have this drink, to toast the brand new year. A wedding reception is also a great time to order wine, as most wedding receptions feature an open bar, or at least servings of wine with the meal. The wedding party may choose certain types of wine that go well with the food catering, for example. A birthday or wedding anniversary is another great time to crack open a bottle of wine. In general, wine is a popular choice as a celebratory drink.

It may be surprising to hear that it is younger Americans who take the greatest interest in wine. Millennials, or those young adults born from 1982-1995, are some of the most avid wine lovers today. For example, USA Today has shown that in 2015, Millennials consumed 42% of all wine drank in that year, and those young adults drank some 159.6 million cases of wine overall. The numbers also show that among Millennials who drink wine several times per week, an average of 3.1 glasses of wine is consumed during each sitting. Overall, Millenials drink even more wine than their Baby Boomer parents, or the Gen Xers in between them. It is unknown how much Generation Z citizens enjoy wine, since they are young and many of them cannot yet legally drink. It may also be noted that in January 2016, 17% of Millennials spent over $20 on wine bottles.

Finding Some Fine Wine

It is clear who likes to drink wine, and why. Now, how to purchase this fine drink? More casual drinkers may simply visit the wine section of a local grocery store, where low-cost brands may be found. These are not fancy wines, but all the same, they can be a pleasant drink for a fair price, and many brand may be found there.

More serious wine lovers may visit local wineries, and they can find wineries all across the United States. California residents may find it especially easy to find wineries, since that state has a climate and terrain friendly for grapes. At a winery, a guest may not only join a guided tour, but also browse some fine wine brands cultivated there and choose a few bottles. A guest may also find some wine-related goods in the gift shop, such as wine tote bags or corkscrews.

Customers can find wine online with digital catalogs, and find their favorite brands or flavors this way if local stores don’t have them. Customers may have wine delivered to their doorsteps if possible, and they must have someone sign off on the package. In other cases, the wine will be driven to a local warehouse and stored in a cooler to protect the wine from heat. Once notified, the customer may visit and pick up their order.

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