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Things To Consider When Choosing An Offset Vertical Smoker

If you have decided to try smoked meat and a lot of it, you should try an offset vertical smoker. An offset vertical smoker comes with a huge smoking chamber and many shelves. These vertical smokers can hold more than enough racks of ribs for your next BBQ or family cookout. If you are in the mood for smoked brisket, big pork shoulders, and a lot of pieces of chicken, then an offset smoker is the perfect choice for you. Here are a few things to consider when choosing an offset vertical smoker for all of your BBQ parties.

Your Initial Investment

When choosing the best vertical smoker, your investment is everything. Like with anything else, there are the cheap vertical smokers and there are the high quality ones you can choose to buy instead. Think about it this way, you are only paying out a lot of money one time for the best smoker there is available on the market. Once you make that first initial investment, it will pay for itself many times over. The reason it will pay for itself is because, once you have your nice offset vertical smoker, you can enter BBQ competitions. If you win, you will be taking home a huge cash prize or something of the same value. You can also have your own barbecue party in your backyard and show off your new investment to all of your friends and family.

What You Will Be Cooking

Another good reason to buy a nice custom smoker grill is the idea of all of the awesome and tasty foods you can now make in one. You can make multiple racks of ribs, pork shoulders that you can slice into different pieces of pork and then freeze for dinner for the whole month. Of course, you don’t have to eat pork roasts, pork chops, and pork anything all month long if you don’t want to but if you have an offset vertical smoker on hand, you can save a lot of money on your next months grocery bill. You can cook a lot of different foods in one of these stand up smoker machines and this can save you a lot of money by not having to go grocery shopping as much as you used to.


When choosing an offset vertical smoker, you need to think about where you will store it. You can put it in the garage, under your porch, or anywhere that has a lot of extra space that you are not using. You don’t need too much extra space but these things are a little on the bigger side and you will need some space for it. Think about where you will store your smoker before buying one and this will help you buy the right vertical smoker for you.


What type of features do you need or want? What type of features come with the smoker you are considering buying? Determining what type of features you want and what it comes with will help you choose the best one for you.

People barbecue as often as they can and will especially have backyard barbecues during their favorite summer time holidays. In fact, 73 % of people have barbecues and family get togethers on July 4 while 60 % use their grills or smokers on Memorial Day for their backyard parties with family and friends. Not only this, but, according to the HPBA or the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, there are seven in 10 American adults who own either a smoker or a grill.

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