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Storing Wine 5 Things that can Ruin your Collection

Alcohol has always been a popular drink and it’s popularity is only growing. The sales of all alcoholic beverages in the United states were slightly over $2 billion. While it may seem like the younger crowd is more interested in craft beer, there is still some interest in wine. There are more than 7,000 wineries in the United States with red wine being most preferred followed by white then rose. Buying and choosing wine is an important step in the process, however properly storing that wine is also important. Read the tips below for proper wine storage to help it stay fresh and age properly.


The position of the wine bottle may not seem important but it is. Wines should always be stored horizontally with an angle no more than 25 degrees. This aids in keeping the cork of the bottle moist. When visiting wine stores consider your wine storage and how many bottles it can hold. You want to make sure to keep a multitude of types of wine on your rack, but you want them stored properly. Beer wine and spirits may all be available at certain stores, but that doesn’t mean storage is the same across all of them. Craft beer has completely different storage requirements, and liquor does as well. Consider storage space and type before making a trip to the wine store.


The temperature of your wine is going to be slightly cooler than the rest of your house. The ideal temperature is around 55 degrees. You want to choose a spot that does not experience large fluctuations in temperature. These fluctuations can interfere with the aging process of your wine. Warmer climates can cause more of a vinegar taste which will severely distort the overall flavor of the wine. Consider cooler places in your home and avoid warmer places. Places like those located near a dryer, near an oven or even on top of the refrigerator are not ideal places for proper wine storage.


You want to make sure that you are storing your wine you bought from the wine store away from other things that have strong odors. Things such as onions should not be stored near wine. You don’t want the sweet taste of your wine distorted by odors such as onions or gasoline. Consider placing your wine rack away from areas where you store strong smelling chemicals or strong smelling foods.


You should consider the lighting in the area where your wine is stored. Direct sunlight should not be allowed into the storage area as ultraviolet lights can affect the aging process of your wine. Instead choose a darker areas to store your wine. Majority of bottles are made to block most ultraviolet rays, however they do not block them all. This means that storing them away from ultraviolet light will be the only way to 100% guarantee that your wine is not affected.


Humidity is an important part to the aging process. If you choose a dry area in your home to store wine then the aging process will be directly affected and so will the taste of your wine. If you live in an area that is especially dry you should consider special wine refrigerators. These wine refrigerators keep the humidity to help your wine stay fresh and help aid in the aging process. Consider this a good investment if you live in a dry climate area.

All types of wines are enjoyed for a variety of occasions by many people. Choosing the right bottle from the wine store and storing it properly can leave you with the perfect gift for your next occasion or get-to-gether. Aged wine is a gift that is worth giving and a special treat to compliment any gathering. Storing your wine the proper way ensures that your purchase will stay fresher longer and be perfect for that special someone or that special occasion.

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