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Recipes Using Quacamole

Guacamole calories

Who doesn’t enjoy a few chips and salsa every now and then right? How about some guacamole to go with it? Guacamole is one of the most favorite dips that people here in America love, not to mention anyone from Mexico too. You don’t have to go to an expensive restaurant to get guacamole, chips and salsa. You can very easily find some recipes using guacamole at home to go with your chips and salsa and even to use with enchiladas, tacos and burritos too.

Making your own recipes using guacamole means you are going to need to use ripe avocados. However, if you can’t find ripe avocados and you can’t wait to make some recipes using guacamole at home, you can ripen them in the microwave. A quick few seconds in a microwave and your avocado will be good to go in any of your classic guacamole recipes. Be sure you pierce the skin on the avocados with a fork first though.

Fresh guacamole dips are delicious and generally loved by everyone. If you love spicy guacamole dip you are lucky. There are ways to make spice up the dish to the heat level of your liking by adding various types of chilies or peppers. Adding other ingredients to your recipes using guacamole is also a good way to add to guacamole nutrition levels. The only thing you have to worry about is guacamole calories if you are on a diet. Avocados are very nutritious on their own though.

Recipes using guacamole can be made with just two ingredients. In fact, these are the easiest recipes using guacamole recipes to use. You would just use freshly chopped and mashed avocados and a packet of guacamole seasoning mix that you can buy at the store. That is all you need. You can squeeze some lemon juice on your dip if it starts to brown. Other recipes using guacamole are more elaborate. These are the recipes using guacamole recipes that use only the freshest ingredients.
Let’s say you want to use some chipotle chilies in your recipes using guacamole instead of jalapenos. You would prepare your chilies and chop some red onions. Make sure you use some Haas avocados for the best results with your recipes using guacamole. Haas avocados will give you that creamy buttery guacamole flavor that everyone loves. Recipes using guacamole often also include the use of cilantro for garnish and flavor. Find recipes using guacamole are found online.
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