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How to Throw the Best Kid’s Party


Kids parties can be an interesting experience. There are many options from jumping castles with water balloons to ice cream parties with gelato cups or perhaps a sensory party with slime and bubbles. However, the best options in the world would be a complete disaster if you don’t follow these simple tips for throwing a kids party. Before you even decide whether to hire the clown or buy the gelato cups, take a look at these.

Make Sure the Space is Big Enough
Kids need a lot of space. If you live in a two bedroom apartment, you probably shouldn’t hold your party there. Especially if you have anything that you care about. It’s not that kids are intentionally bad, they just get excited and energetic. Opt for having your party at a park or at a friend’s house with a bigger space. Back yards are great for kids parties if there are no dangerous plants or animals. Have your guests RSVP so you know exactly how many kids are coming and this will make it a lot easier for you to plan the size.

Make Sure the Space is Safe
Especially if you are holding your party outside, you need to make sure that the space you were going to be using is safe for kids. This includes things like poisonous plants, snakes or spiders and all the other things that can happen outside. If you were having your party indoors then make sure all your outlets are covered and sharp items put out of reach. Making sure that the area is safe is probably the most important part of a party. Parents want to know that their kids are going to be alright wherever they go. Being safe is also making sure that you have sufficient adult help. If this means soliciting some of the parents or your friends, then that might be what you need to do.

Make Sure the Space is Convenient
While most parents love to take their kids to parties, if it is too far away they will likely opt out, no matter how good the gelato cups are going to be. Wherever you hold your party should be centrally located and easy to get to. Parking should be fairly simple as well, especially for parents with multiple kids. Or example, holding a party with no parking lot where families have to unload everyone after parking on the side of the main street will probably deter many parents. Convenience is much appreciated by parents. We live in a world that doesn’t make things very easy for parents with small children, but a kid’s birthday party should not be one of those places.

Make Sure the Space has Bathrooms
Bathrooms are very important. Kids don’t hold their bladders very well and there’s nothing worse than having an accident in front of your friends. If you are inviting parents, they will need a place to go to the bathroom as well. You don’t want to make your party so uncomfortable for everyone after all the juice and cake and ice cream. Believe it or not, some parks do not have bathrooms so make sure that you confirm this before making any kind of booking. It shouldn’t even be a consideration; if you find out a certain place has no bathrooms, it’s time to move on to plan B.

Make Sure the Space is Open but Enclosed
This is crucial especially if the parents are not going to be staying for the party. You want to make sure that you can see everywhere from one spot but that it is fenced off or somehow and closed so that no one can slip away without you noticing. You would likely noticed kids scaling a wall, but you may not notice them digging under a fence. Keep these things in mind when choosing your space. Gelato cups and juggling can only entertain for so long. Children are naturally curious and will probably want to look around this new area. Make sure you find the problem areas before they do because they will find them. Maybe take your own kids by themselves and have them help you look around.

Kids parties are very enjoyable if these five things are taken care of.

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