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Here are 4 Items That Any Coffee Shop Should Have

The coffee industry is unbelievably profitable in the United States. The retail value of the U.S. coffee market is estimated to be $48 billion dollars, which isn’t surprising considering half of the United States population drinks some form of coffee. With these profits, it’s no surprise that many people try to open up their own coffee shop, as independent coffee shops have $12 billion in annual sales. Wherever your coffee shop is being opened up, there are a number of items, apart from coffee, that any coffee shop should have, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • Paper Coffee Cups: One essential item that any coffee shop should have are paper coffee cups. These can be bought wholesale in huge quantities, and can also be branded with the name of the coffee shop across its side. Since many customers prefer to take their coffee order to go, in order to get on with their day, no coffee shop will make it without paper coffee cups in stock.
  • Wooden Coffee Stirrers: Another item that any coffee shop should have are wooden coffee stirrers. These are thin wooden sticks that are used to stir in cream and sugar according to the customer’s taste. They’re usually located to the side of the main counter in a coffee shop and used after a cup of coffee is picked up. Wooden coffee stirrers are preferable to the plastic variety because wood is biodegradable and can be more easily recycled.
  • Coffee Cup Lids: A third item that any coffee shop needs to have are coffee cup lids. These are plastic lids that fit smoothly over the top of a paper coffee cup. These are very necessary for those who wish to take their coffee on the go, since the lids are in place to prevent the hot liquid from splashing out and accidentally burning anyone. The lids can also prevent coffee from spilling everywhere if the cup is accidentally knocked over.
  • Cup Sleeves: And finally, a fourth item that should be found in any coffee shop are cup sleeves. These are cardboard circles that are designed to rest on a paper cup and provide a grip that allows customers to hold on to a coffee cup even when it’s full of hot coffee without burning themselves. Cup sleeves are usually made of cardboard to make them easy to recycle, and they also provide an additional source of branding and advertisement.

In conclusion, there are a number of items that should be found in any coffee shop. These items include paper coffee cups, wooden coffee stirrers, coffee cup lids, and cup sleeves. This is just a portion of the items that should be found in any coffee shop that wishes to be successful in the long run.

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