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Fun Ways to Serve Some Ice Cream

Americans love to have frozen desserts, and ice cream, gelato, frozen custard, and sherbet are some popular treats from coast to coast. Ever since the early 1900s, in fact, ice cream has been an American favorite and has become popular around the world, too. For over a century, ice cream makers have devised all sorts of fun flavors and condiments for consumers of all different tastes, and there’s variety in not just the flavors but also custom ice cream cups. There’s more than one way to eat ice cream, and ice cream cups are sometimes preferable to waffle cones in some cases. It really depends on the customer, though a good ice cream shop will definitely have nearly anything in supply that a customer would want for their order. Gelato supplies like specialized plastic bowls and spoons may be there too, and custom ice cream cups are a fine choice for frozen sherbet or custard, too. These custom ice cream cups may have the store’s brand name printed on them, too, and have festive colors or graphics to make them “pop.”

Americans and Ice Cream

Many statistics are being kept about what kinds of foods Americans eat and how often, and that’s not just to track if people are eating their vegetables. Desserts are fun and popular among kids, but they’re a substantial part of the food industry, so they get some attention, too. The NDP Group, for example, has found out that in any given two-week period, nearly 40% of Americans, or tens of millions of people, will eat ice cream. Nearly 90% of households often indulge in frozen treats like these, and the average American eats ice cream 28.5 times each year. If that’s compressed into a single month, that means nearly daily ice cream servings. Around 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream is produced every single year, and around 8-9% of all dairy produced by American dairy farms is used for making this dessert.

Better yet, there’s more than one way to eat some ice cream. Ever since 1904, Americans have loved to eat ice cream on waffle cones, and a whole ice cream cone is the classic image of summer fun. These waffles cones are edible, and they make for a mildly sweet and crunchy contrast to the cold and soft ice cream itself. Many Americans today order fancy ice cream cones and show them off on social media, just for fun. Some Americans may not like how messy they are, though, and ice cream cones are known for allowing drips or even ice cream scoops falling right off. That makes a mess. What’s more, ice cream cones don’t make for good leftovers containers, so the consumer has to eat it all right away.

A popular alternative is to get custom ice cream cups from an ice cream shop when ordering something, and these custom ice cream cups may come in different sizes and will probably have fun graphics and colors printed on them. On top of that, these cups are neat and don’t allow for spills or drips, and the consumer can use their spoon to mix ingredients and condiments together if they like. These ice cream cups also make for great leftovers containers. And related frozen treats such as gelato, sherbet, and more are nearly always served in custom cups, bowls, and more. Those desserts don’t work so well with waffle cones.

Set Up Shop

Someone who opens their very own ice cream shop should have a healthy variety of not just ice cream flavors, but also ways to serve frozen desserts. A new ice cream shop will set up a working relationship with local suppliers for wholesale stock of paper cups, plastic spoons and straws, paper napkins, gelato spoons, and more. That, and the shop will have the right ice cream mixers, gelato freezers, and more to make any sort of frozen dessert the owner plans to sell. The shop can offer paper cups and waffle cones alike to please different customers of ice cream, and a shop’s staff will wash out the ice cream machines after each day’s use. Water will rinse them out, and the parts can be taken out and washed in soapy water and allowed to dry.

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