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Finding the Best Stone Crab Claws

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Many people enjoy savoring the best stone crab claws they can find. If you are planning on having a delicious dinner for friends or family, include some of the best stone crab claws and you will be guaranteed that your guests will enjoy themselves.
The best stone crab claws are large and strong enough to break oyster shells and are considered a delicacy. Florida stone crabs are know for their sweet, meaty claws. These are in season from October 15 through May 15, and come in three sizes, medium, large, and jumbo. These crab claws are usually in high demand because of a limited supply, due to the fact they are only harvest along the Gulf Coast.
You can serve the best stone crab claws many different ways, although the most popular are with melted butter or a classic mustard sauce. There are many other options such as crab cakes and crab salads that many people enjoy.
So, how do you go about finding the best stone crab claws if you do not live near Florida and the Gulf Coast? There are many seafood companies that offer buying seafood online services. You can have fresh seafood delivered right to your door including lobster tails and the best stone crab claws.
Do make sure you do some comparison shopping, especially when it comes to shipping costs. These costs can vary widely depending on where the seafood will be shipped. Also, determine how the seafood will be shipped, especially if you are ordering delicacies such as live lobsters. In these cases, you want to make sure that your seafood will be shipped by the quickest possible method.
Also, when ordering the best stone crab claws and other things like frozen lobster tails, you may want to ensure that you have enough freezer space, unless you are planning on eating it the day it arrives. If that is the case, just plan your dinner around the arrival date, and you will be enjoying fresh seafood the same day it arrives.
Also, check out any available reviews about the seafood companies you are considering. Make sure that the majority of their customers have had a positive experience.

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