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Fennel Pollen Why You Need It In Your Pantry Now!

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The fact is that even foodies can get bored with using the same thing over and over again. In fact, it could be said that a true foodie is always on the lookout for a new spice or flavor, leading us to look for the best place to buy spices online and change up our recipes. Something as simple as a different seasoning can change a dish dramatically, turning it from drab to fantastic. The search for new flavors is what has led to many to fennel pollen. If you don?t know what it is, the idea of using pollen as a spice may be initially confusing. But trust us ? it will change your life.

What Is Fennel Pollen?

Trust us ? if you think you?ve found the best place to buy spices online, you haven?t unless it offers fennel pollen. Although few initially associate spices with pollen, all spices originally come from plants, including flowers, seeds, fruits, barks, leaves, and even roots. Coming from the Umbelliferae family, fennel is a perennial herb, highly aromatic and with a variety of culinary and medicinal uses. In its distilled form, fennel pollen can be a powerful spice, with the pollen itself being the most potent part of fennel. So it?s no wonder why many are choosing to keep pollen in the pantry, rather than simply out in the garden. In fact, fennel pollen has long been used by chefs in Tuscany. So really, the question is: what have we been waiting for?

What Kinds Of Recipes Can Use Fennel Pollen?

There are many fennel pollen recipes available, for a variety of different dishes. Before cooking with fennel pollen, know that it?s suggested that you add the spice while cooking, so that the dish may absorb its flavors. In Italy, it?s common to use fennel pollen both in salads and meat dishes. You can used fennel pollen to flavor any kind of steak, and it?s known to go especially well with lamb, including lamb chops and lamb meatballs. On the other hand, it can also compliment a Tuscan sun salad or tofu vegetable stir-fry! Some have also used fennel pollen to accent goat cheese. But it?s not simply savory dishes that fennel pollen goes well with. It also works with ginger cookies and apple cake.

What Are The Benefits Of Fennel Pollen?

You?ll probably go looking for the best place to buy spices online with plans to cook. But the fact is that there are positive health benefits to using fennel pollen as well. Fennel tea, which can be made with bruised fennel seeds, has long been said to reduce bloating. It also includes antioxidants that manage to boost a person?s immune system. A fennel bulb can not only give you a great dose of Vitamin C; it also has a good amount of fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol levels.

It?s clear why other countries have been using fennel pollen for so long ? why don?t you join the party?

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