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Coffee 6 Different Ways in 6 Different Countries

Coffee and condiments are popular and drank all over the world. Whether drank out of regular coffee cups or paper coffee cups there are tons of ways this drink can be enjoyed. A little more than half the population prefers to drink their coffee with sugar and creamer, while almost one-third prefer black coffee. No matter how you prefer your coffee, these ways may peak your interest while some may have you raising your eye brow.


Ever thought about having your coffee poured over chunks of cheese? This is exactly how the coffee is served in FInland. Although this may sound slightly unappealing, those living in Finland absolutely adore this combination and this way of drinking coffee.


India has a very special way of breing coffee and it has been done this way for years. A special filter is used in order to slow brew this coffee. Once the coffee has been brewed it is then usually served in a metal tumbler mixed with milk and sugar.


The popular coffee drink here is a mixture of two popular beverages. One is coffee and one is tea. Three parts of coffee is mixed with seven parts of milk tea. When mixed together the end result is a milky smooth coffee and tea mixture that is incredibly popular.


Italy has a common drink, but with a weird twist. Espresso is served with a slice of lemon on the side. The purpose of the lemon is to offset the bitterness of the espresso so it is more readily enjoyed.


Spain has another drink that combines two popular drinks into one. Black coffee is combined with sweetened condensed milk. The milk is added first then the black coffee is added. The end result is the milk on the bottom of the glass with the black coffee resembling more of a brownish tint sitting on top of the condensed milk.


Turkey coffee is set apart from other places because of they way that it is brewed. A special copper pot is used to brew the coffee with the coffee grounds. The coffee is then served with the grounds it was brewed with. This means you must let the coffee grounds settle to the bottom before drinking.

It’s easy to see how coffee is so popular in a variety of countries. Whether drinking at home or getting coffee and coffee accessories to go there are many ways that you can make your coffee to your preferences. Coffee and coffee accessories are what make this drink so versatile which could explain why it’s popular. Coffee and coffee accessories help some wake up, help pick some up during the afternoon, and help some relax before bed. No matter how you choose your coffee drink, just know someone is probably drinking it too just in a slightly different way.

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