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A Look At Wedding Planning How To Stock Your Open Bar

Wedding season is upon us, and it can seem like there is a new wedding every weekend. In fact, weddings are immensely popular at all times of the year (though particularly in the summer, it is true, as the nice weather allows more freedom in planning, depending on the part of the country that you live in) and there are very nearly forty five thousand weddings that take place every single weekend of the year. These weddings will range in the size of the guest list, the type of venue, and the overall atmosphere of both the ceremony and and the reception but nearly all people who are in the process of planning their weddings know that it is no easy thing and often takes a great deal of time and diligence to lead up to the day that you want to have in celebration of your union.

For many weddings, liquor is an important component to make decisions on, such as what types of alcohol will be served, what different beer brands, what types of wine. These questions can all be fielded by a caterer, bar service, or wedding event planner, depending on who you are working with the most closely. But there is no doubt about it that alcohol, from beer brands to varying types of wine (typically white white and red wine but also possibly the inclusion of variations such as rose) has long been an important part of life and culture in the United States, particularly at large and important celebratory events such as a wedding. In fact, the overall alcohol industry of the United States reaches nearly two hundred and twenty billion dollars in alcohol sales alone in just the course of one year, from selling spirits to various beer brands (both widely commercial beer brands and well as smaller independent beer brands).

Choosing to have an open bar is something that many soon to be married couples agree is an important component of their wedding reception, particularly if they (and the vast majority of their guests) have no religious or ideological restrictions to the use of alcohol, particularly in a party setting. If you are such a couple that is planning to have an open bar, you will likely want to look closely into the beer brands that you will offer. This has become particularly important in recent years, as independent and craft breweries have risen to prominence in most parts of the United States, if not all of them. In fact, independent breweries now make up more than ten percent of the total beer market in just this country alone, and often offer beer brands that cannot be found anywhere else, making the beer brands that you serve at your wedding more likely to be unique and special to your day. And looking at beer brands from independent breweries often simply offers you a wider selection, as small and independently owned breweries now make up a whopping ninety nine percent of American breweries, consisting of microbreweries, brew pubs, and other such locations. There is absolutely no doubt about it that craft beer has become widely and wildly popular, and that it is likely to be a huge crowd pleaser during your wedding reception.

But not everyone will be interested in the beer brands that you have – or beer in general, for that matter. For such people, wine is likely to be the ideal drink and is another popular beverage that is commonly served during wedding dinners and receptions as a social beverage. If you are planning to stock your wedding bar with wine, it is probably your best bet to choose some of the five most popular varieties of wine which range from chardonnay to pinot noir. Also hugely popular are cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and pinot grigio. Offering a variety of white wines as well as red wines is also ideal, as the vast majority of wine drinkers in the United States have a preference of one type of wine over the other.

Weddings are important, and so is the beer that you serve at them. Take your time, choose the best.

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