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4 Reasons You Should Invest in Raw, Organic Honey

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Whether you’re an avid supporter of honey bears, honey candy, or flavored honey straws, there’s a point at which you need to ask yourself if what you’re putting into your body is certified as raw and organic honey. While there’s no inherent “harm” in pasteurizing, it’s a process designed to kill anything and everything in a substance.
The issue? Honey is naturally filled with things that are good for you! Not to mention that by purchasing raw, organic honey you’re often supporting local businesses! But if you need any more reasons to invest in raw honey, don’t worry. Check out the four reasons we’ve compiled below!
That’s right! Tea and lemon with honey while you’re sick? It actually works! But only if your honey is raw to begin with. Pasteurized honey is devoid of all the antimicrobial properties that turn it into a healing agent. Raw honey helps kill bacteria!
Honey in and of itself is soothing, but the pasteurized stuff has nothing on raw honey when it comes to keeping a cough or a sore throat at bay. In fact, raw honey’s soothing abilities combined with its antimicrobial nature make it something of a cold-curing powerhouse.
When you buy local honey you’re investing in local businesses and local bees. That means that whenever you buy honey for the season, you’re eating the product of local flowers. By doing this, you can actually develop somewhat of an immunity to the local flora in your area.
Remember when we talked about how honey can soothe coughs and sore throats? Turns out it’s also great for your digestive system. The soothing properties of raw honey go far beyond the limits of your mouth when it comes to healing.
Honey, beyond being a delicious treat and a natural sweetener for your tea, is an important part of creating a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, pasteurized honey simply doesn’t cut it when you want to live healthier. Instead, make sure you’re investing in raw, local honey that will actually help you live a happier, healthier life.

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