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Three Things You Should Know About Microgreens

Edible flowers and plants

They say that big things come in small packages. This saying holds true for microgreens, miniature vegetable greens that can add a whole lot to to a dish’s flavor and visual appeal. You’ll most likely find microgreens at higher-end restaurants, where flavor and aesthetic are equally as important. You can also purchase microgreens from farms that specialize in growing them. This way you don’t have to grow microgreens to enjoy them!

What are Microgreens?.

Microgreens are little vegetable greens that became prevalent in the 1980s, and are now frequently used by specialty food distributors. There are severa (more…)

15 May 2015

A Look at Crystallized Flowers

Micro herbs

Have you ever been to a restaurant and had your plate adorned with crystallized flowers? These are often found in the best restaurants and can be used in drinks, desserts, jellies, soups, salads, and any number of delightful dishes.
Crystallized flowers in the form of candied violets first became popular in the Victorian era. Today, many other different crystallized flowers are created by confectioners. So how do crystallized flowers get created?
First, beautiful plants and flowers are soaked in a solution of egg whites and sugar. These delicate crystallized flowers are then allowed to dry with the vibrant colors remaining intact. Then they are placed on those beautiful dishes for a special and elegant touch of whimsy.
In addition to crystallized flowers, you may also see microgreens being used to enhance the loo (more…)

25 Feb 2014