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A Look at Crystallized Flowers

Micro herbs

Have you ever been to a restaurant and had your plate adorned with crystallized flowers? These are often found in the best restaurants and can be used in drinks, desserts, jellies, soups, salads, and any number of delightful dishes.
Crystallized flowers in the form of candied violets first became popular in the Victorian era. Today, many other different crystallized flowers are created by confectioners. So how do crystallized flowers get created?
First, beautiful plants and flowers are soaked in a solution of egg whites and sugar. These delicate crystallized flowers are then allowed to dry with the vibrant colors remaining intact. Then they are placed on those beautiful dishes for a special and elegant touch of whimsy.
In addition to crystallized flowers, you may also see microgreens being used to enhance the look and taste of many different culinary offerings. Microgreens can include beets, arugula, wasabi and broccoli. Microgreens are basically the sprouts of these plants, and can also include young artichokes, cauliflower and squash blossoms. The growing time of these edible flowers and plants can range for one to two weeks, up to four to six weeks.
While growing microgreens and creating crystallized flowers is best left to professionals, you can easily find them at local farmers markets and specialty shops. You can also find microgreens and crystallized flowers through many online Internet sources.
With microgreens you can dress up a sandwich or a salad because they are great alternative to lettuce with their peppery or nutty flavors. You can even use them as a tasty, fresh topping for pizzas and pastas.
Add those crystallized flowers to a special dessert for a unique touch. Imagine throwing a special event such as a bridal shower or engagement party with beautiful sugar flowers adorning your special taste treats. You will be the toast of the party.
Do a little Internet browsing, find a recipe or two using crystallized flowers, edible blossoms or even a micro rainbow mix and astound the guests at your next dinner party. When they ask, you can simply say that it is a secret of the chef!

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