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How to Throw the Best Kid’s Party


Kids parties can be an interesting experience. There are many options from jumping castles with water balloons to ice cream parties with gelato cups or perhaps a sensory party with slime and bubbles. However, the best options in the world would be a complete disaster if you don’t follow these simple tips for throwing a kids party. Before you even decide whether to hire the clown or buy the gelato cups, take a look at these.

Make Sure the Space is Big Enough
Kids need a lot of space. If you live in a two bedroom apartment, you probably shouldn’t hold your party there. Especially if you have anything that you care about. It’s not that kids are intention (more…)

08 Sep 2016

Unique Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Frozen yogurt supply

The Digital Age has introduced an interesting dichotomy among business owners and consumers alike. Marketing and advertising has never been more important (or easier) than it is right now. However, setting yourself apart from competition is the most integral aspect of any successful marketing and advertising campaign. Here’s a few ways to do so:

Custom Materials: It’s not ALL about your online presence, contrary to what some think. If you maintain a brick and mortar store, physical marketing materials are incredibly important. By creating a fun dynamic among customers and employees alike, business owners are setting themselves up for success.

Take ice cream for example: there are more than 2,500 frozen yogurt shoppes and 9% of milk produced in dairy farms is used to make ice cream. (more…)

07 Jan 2016