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You’ll Never Believe This Mouthwatering Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is Gluten Free

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Gooey, chewy, and delicious, who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? Only 77 years old, chocolate chip cookies are an American staple invented by Ruth Wakefield of the Toll House Inn and Restaurant. Her recipe was so popular that in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate, Nestle agreed to put the tollhouse recipe on every bag of chocolate chips. Talk about a sweet deal.
But for those with gluten allergies, you may often feel as if you’re getting gypped on the chips. Although there are many healthy gluten free (more…)

29 Jun 2015

How to Make Vegetarian Tamales Pronto!

Best tamale recipe

Although most of the tamale recipes out there are meat tamale recipes, that doesn’t mean there aren’t vegetarian tamales. In fact, they’re pretty easy to make. Here’s a simple one.

The Ingredients. First things first, you’re going to need two cups of masa corn flour, half a cup of butter, a teaspoon of salt, a quarter-teaspoon of sugar, half a cup of broth, one teaspoon of baking powder, a quarter-teaspoon of black pepper, two and a half cups of corn, one and a half cups of cheddar, four ounces of roasted chilies, two diced tomatoes, and some husks.

Making the Filling. Blend your cheese and corn in a food processor until it’s a mealy consistency, and then add your butter, masa, salt, sugar, pepper, and baking powder. Blend again until it’s loosely mixed, and ad (more…)

24 Jun 2015

Hummus Your Superfood Savior

Spicy hummus

You’ve looked at it on the shelves but you haven’t bought it yet because honestly, who knows that a chickpea is? The truth is, if you’ve ever tasted an authentic hummus recipe, you wouldn’t care anymore. A chickpea could literally be ‘chick-pee’ and it wouldn’t matter because it tastes so good and has health benefits that make organic peanut butter look like fast food.

Why you should just buy hummus already:

It helps maintain a healthy diet. Nearly one in five Canadians has high blood pressure. Three-fourths of a cup of hummus can be substituted for one serving of meat, which in turn, can help lower blood pressure. Most brands of hummus contain 36% of the suggested daily folate intake in just one cup. Foods rich in folate can help (more…)

16 Jun 2015

Three Dips That Are as Easy to Make as They Are Delicious

Spicy guacamole

Veggie dips are absolutely amazing. Not only are they both healthy, and delicious, but best of all, they’re super fast, and easy, too. Most of the time, all you really need to do is throw the ingredients in a food processor, blend, and have at it. That’s basically it.

That being said, not all veggie dips are amazing. To make a really great veggie dip, you need to find the right combination of ingredients. Here are just a few, little recipes to get you started.

Lemon Garlic Hummus.

To make this awesome veggie dip, you’ll need 30-ounces of garbanzo beans, half a cup of EVOO, three tablespoons of tahini, one teaspoon of sea salt, two tablespoons of minced garlic, three tablespoons of le (more…)

05 Jun 2015

The Advantages of Eating Hispanic

Como hacer flan

Hispanic food is not only delicious, but good for you, too! Here are just a few reasons why.

Hispanic Food Is Loaded With Fiber.

A lot of Hispanic food has beans in it, be they black or pinto, which supply a healthy amount of fiber. Many people often don’t get enough fiber in their diets, which leads to digestive problems. Just a half cup of beans will provide you with seven grams of fiber, and some protein to boot.

A Lot of Hispanic Food Has Capsaicin.

Tons of Hispanic foods come with spicy peppers, like jalapenos, which have capsaicin. This compound can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve blood circulation, and relieve congestion. It’s also been shown to help improve a person’s metabolism, which means you’ll won’t have to do as much exe (more…)

03 Jun 2015