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Five Questions to Ask When Finding the Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

Outdoor wedding venues seattle

If you’re getting married soon, it’s understandable that you want everything on your big day to be perfect. About 6,200 weddings take place every day in the United States!

A major part of any wedding is the bride and groom’s choice of venue for both the wedding itself and the reception. The venue of your wedding and reception play a major role in setting the tone of the event. With the vast variety of event venues available, choosing the right venue can be an intimidating prospect.

There are a variety of different possible wedding reception venues where you can host your event — however, it’s important that you book your reception with only the best venue around!

Here are the top five questions you should ask when choosing a venue for your wedding reception:

1. Is the venu (more…)

25 Mar 2014

The Truth About Free After School Activities

Acting classes for children

If you grew up during the 1980s or before, you probably remember spending quite of bit of your time playing outdoors. Since most kids looked forward to spending time playing with their friend outdoors, children of past generation didn’t need anyone else planning fun activities for kids in the summer. In the “old days” seeing kids riding their bicycles, playing sports, or just running around with their friends was the norm. But how often do you see that today?

Maybe it’s because of the video games, internet, or safety concerns, it just isn’t that common to see children of any age playing outdoors any more. Even on beautiful summer days, you are lucky to see more (more…)

10 Mar 2014

How to Find New Ways to Enjoy Hummus

Spicy hummus dip

Hummus is a type of food made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with lemon juice, salt, garlic, tahini, and olive oil. Interestingly, the word “hummus” is Arabic for “chickpeas”, and unsurprisingly, hummus is an impeccably popular dish in the Middle East. There are also a bevy of recipes with hummus in the United States, including spicy hummus dip, roasted garlic hummus dip, and a number of other hummus spreads.

One reason hummus is so popular in the United States is that it is delicious. Top-quality organic hummus dips are often preferred to other fatty dips like cheesy dips, sour cream, and buffalo chicken wing dip. Because hummus has less (more…)

06 Mar 2014