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Five Questions to Ask When Finding the Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

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If you’re getting married soon, it’s understandable that you want everything on your big day to be perfect. About 6,200 weddings take place every day in the United States!

A major part of any wedding is the bride and groom’s choice of venue for both the wedding itself and the reception. The venue of your wedding and reception play a major role in setting the tone of the event. With the vast variety of event venues available, choosing the right venue can be an intimidating prospect.

There are a variety of different possible wedding reception venues where you can host your event — however, it’s important that you book your reception with only the best venue around!

Here are the top five questions you should ask when choosing a venue for your wedding reception:

1. Is the venue within my budget?: The American event planning industry is huge — so far, it has generated approximately $6 billion dollars in revenue. While it might be appealing to spare no expense on your big day, it’s probably a good idea to be realistic about how much you can afford when looking at event venues and wedding venues. Try looking for event venues that offer liability insurance, so you’ll pay a flat fee even if damage to the venue occurs during the event.

2. Does the venue offer full service?: It’s important to know whether or not the venue will offer in-house catering or alcohol, and whether the venue’s menu suits your tastes.

3. Is the venue the right size?: Nothing’s worse than too many people being crammed into a too-small venue. Check with each potential venue to make sure its capacity can accommodate all your guests.

4. Will I need to bring in sound equipment?: What’s any wedding or wedding reception without music? Before deciding on a reception venue, it’s a good idea to clarify whether or not sound equipment will be provided. You can play as many as 70 songs into a four-hour reception — make sure you have the equipment to play them!

5. Is it a good fit?: It’s okay to visit a few different event venues before making your final choice. The most important thing is finding a venue that fits you and your soon-to-be-spouse’s tastes and wedding day needs.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Americans spend about $72 billion every year on weddings — it’s up to you to make your wedding and its reception be worth the money you spend!
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