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Several Ways to Make Fun Healthy Lunches for Children

Healthy lunches

Did you know that the typical lunch during the Revolutionary War period of the United States would consist of foods like salty meat and beans? During this period of history food was generally quite simple, though it possessed enough nutritional value to keep people going. Something called Indian pudding, which used indian meal, was a very trendy recipe back in the late 1700s. Many vegetables were canned during the summer and consumed during the long winter months. Corn, mutton, and corn meal were popular base ingredients for many meals.

Today, it is easy to make healthy lunches for you and your family. What are healthy lunch ideas for kids, if you have the time to whip them up?

One interesting thing to do with kid healthy lunches is to make historically accurate period food. Your kid might get a kick out of eating beef jerky, chunky applesauce, hard boiled eggs, or homemade dough nuts, in replica of revolutionary war times.

One way that Japanese mothers encourage their children to eat healthy lunches is to arrange it in pleasing shapes and characters. Bento boxes are neatly arranged and contain small portions of multiple types of food. This process be pretty time consuming depending on how complicated the project is, but it can be simple and quick to adopt little designs into lunches. Many companies make things like toast stamps which are a cheap and fun way to dress up bread. Another option would be to cut sandwiches into funky shapes, like a mouse head.

Another way to encourage healthy lunches is to replicate the type of food kids are drawn to, and just replace it with healthier options. Instead of white crackers with processed cheese, use whole wheat crackers with healthier cheeses or even toppings like hummus if your child likes the taste.

A lot of parents are discouraged by the negative reaction their child has to healthy lunches. One thing to keep in mind is that it takes an average of thirty introductions to a food before a child wants to eat it. Rather than forcing food, experts recommend placing small amounts on their plate without asking or noting either way what they do with it. Sooner or later, they will try it out. French children are raised from a young age to like foods we normally associate with adults, and will happily dine on asparagus dishes and fancy meats.

30 Apr 2013

Important Facts About Healthy Cereal

High fiber foods

Your supermarket’s cereal aisle is packed full of options but not all of these options are healthy cereal options. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to figure out which cereal is good for you and which you should steer clear of. The key here is to take some time to look at the details while keeping a few guidelines in mind.

The first thing you’ll want to be on the lookout for is a whole grain cereal instead of one that’s been made out of refined grains. This is something that should be clearly indicated on the package. It should also tell you what grains in particular are in that cereal. Be on the lookout for phrases like made with whole grains or 100 percent whole grain. This is important because it means that this is a high fiber cereal. The American Heart Association suggests that people eat plenty of high fiber foods each day to keep their heart healthy.

Secondly, a healthy cereal shouldn’t contain much, if any, sugar. A key to remember here is that if a cereal tells you that more than 25 percent of its calories are derived from sugar, then you should be looking for a different type of cereal. In order to make this determination, simply multiply the number of grams of sugar in one serving of cereal by 4. Now divide this number by the total amount of calories that are found in just one serving of the cereal. Now multiply that number by 100 and you’ll arrive at the percentage of calories that are derived from sugar. You can use this same mathematical formula to determine how much protein is in each serving. A healthy cereal should provide you with at least 3g of protein per serving.

In general you’ll want to steer clear of cereals that contain artificial colors or dyes, chemical preservatives or hydrogenated oils. On the other hand, you may want to opt for either a gluten free cereal or an organic cereal. Regardless of the choices that you make here, the important thing is for you to choose healthy cereal for you and your family to enjoy.

19 Apr 2013

A Few Healthy Lunch Ideas On A Budget

Healthy lunch ideas

The modern American diet leaves something to be desired for families, office workers, and everyone in between. There are very few options for a healthy lunch when you are on the go, which can make it hard to get all of the different vitamins and minerals that you need. There are some healthy lunch ideas that you can use if you want to make the time for your health, of course, and they are not very expensive either. One of the misconceptions about healthy lunches is that they take too long to prepare, or are too expensive to prepare yourself. The truth is that you can find some healthy lunch ideas that are neither, and in fact may be better than what you will find in a fast food line.

Some healthy lunch ideas that you can use for your office day involve making your own lunch ahead of time. The night before you go to work, you can make a lunch that will be easy to store and microwave when you get to the office. If you want healthy lunch ideas that will give you all of the nutrients you need to tackle your work head on, then it is a good idea to make sure you have some greens in your diet. The fiber and nutrients from green foods, like spinach, kale, and broccoli can give you valuable vitamins in your diet, along with carbohydrates that you can use to go at full speed. Lean protein is a good idea, so a chicken breast may be the best call. A few healthy lunch ideas can tackle the idea of desserts as well. There is no reason to neglect your sweet tooth when there are options like Greek yogurt with agave nectar used as a sweetener, or just a natural piece of fruit.

Speaking of fruit, healthy lunch ideas for kids make the most of it. Kids love sweet foods, and fruit has a lot of sugar without the filler you will find in candy and cakes. Kids often enjoy apples and peanut butter, for example, and these foods could be a great alternative to some of the sugar packed alternatives you will find at the grocery store. These healthy lunch ideas are quick, easy to make, and easy to heat up or store when you get to work or send your kids off to school.

18 Apr 2013

If You Miss Out On The Best Catering Cambridge Pros Can Provide, The Food Will Be Subpar

Catering stamford

If you were having a Bedouin wedding feast, it would be likely that you would be eating a roast camel stuffed with eggs, fish, sheep, and chickens; but with the kind of Catering Cambridge professionals can offer your event, you will be able to have whatever delicacy you find most enjoyable. While any Catering Cambridge professionals provide that include rice will have it cooked, throwing uncooked rice at birds is actually only dangerous to humans since they can slip and fall on the grains. Fortunately, when you hire the best caterers Stamford has to offer, you can be certain that you will be able to have brilliantly prepared dishes that will dazzle your guests.

Most wedding receptions include a champagne toast that is complimentary as well as either an open or cash bar, but with Catering cambridge residents can choose to have food in a buffet, served a la carte, or both. When you work with a company that provides catering Stamford professionals will go over all of the basics with you right from the beginning so that you can decide on your menu as well as how you would like the food to be served. If you are getting help with wedding catering Stamford experts will also ask you for details regarding when you want your wedding cake served as well as when all courses should be put out and retracted. The right preparation will make your event a smash.
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11 Apr 2013

Eating Right Counts Every Single Day

Healthy lunches

the ability for our bodies to function and run at an optimal level is what we all envision when we think about a ‘healthy body’ or anything that has to do with total body health and nutrition. Even though the saying pertains to breakfast, it is important to eat right and healthy lunches as well, as well as dinner. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to eating fast, quick and easily but, in reality, those are not healthy options for the most part. The rise in organic, chemical free and natural ingredients have led to the rise in healthy lunch ideas and healthy meals in general. To take advantage of this new rise in nutrition, spend some time to learn how to prepare some healthy lunches without sacrificing speed for sustenance.

The first thing to do would be run a simple internet search for healthy lunches and healthy tips and tricks to make some meals even more nutritious. There are a number of healthy food resources around on the internet, especially as it grows even larger and larger, and recipes for healthy lunches come by the truck load. It might be a little overwhelming at first but exploring the various healthy lunches and meal recipes on a major food website might be a good start, or will at least give you some ideas on how to easily prepare some healthy lunches. The best thing to do would be to check out the community section of your favorite food websites and look for healthy lunches conversations on there. You might get a wide range of tips or healthy lunches recipes but, in reality, you can apply these cooking methods and ingredient ideas to just about any recipe to create healthy lunches.

08 Apr 2013