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When Hunger Strikes, Choose Fast Casual

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We have all been there. We are leaving work or a night out with our friends and hunger hits. We immediately rack our minds of what is near and what sounds good right then. We try to figure out where to eat. We may come up short on options, quickly narrowing down our list. Eventually, we may choose one of the restaurants that are the closet, for sheer convenience, not thoroughly enjoying our meal, wishing we had chosen a different option. The restaurant that you choose probably will depend on your location and on the convenience that the restaurant offers.
Although carry out may be tempting, the restaurants may be closed or you might not be interested in going through the hassle of placing the order, waiting for the food to be cooked, going into the restaurant to pick it up and then waiting, again for the server to get to you. Fast food may be tempting because of the convenience and the speed of it, but it is not the healthiest thing you could eat. You also might not be in the mood for something that contains so much grease and fat.
Catering or carry out is probably not an
option, because you don?t know exactly when you will be home and besides, you don?t want to wait for the food that long either. You also might not want to pay the high cost of delivery and then having to tip only makes it even more expensive.
That leaves you with the question then of, where to eat? Or more specifically, you are asking where to eat near me? The newer concept of fast casual or a casual fast restaurant is great option for both convenience and health. The food is prepared directly in front of you, making it a very quick process. It is, however, actual food that was prepared and not deep fried and then frozen. Chicken is actually a great choice to purchase in fast casual, because it is prepared fresh and then served to you hot. In fact, Americans consume more chicken than anyone else in the world. It is the number one protein consumed in the United States. Americans purchase 700 million pounds of chicken leading up to July 4th! Additionally, chicken is such a popular option that the National Chicken Council projects that in 2016, the U.S. will consume 91.8 pounds of chicken per capita.
When you are wondering where to eat, a fast casual restaurant seems to be a good decision. It offers convenience, speed and healthier food than fast food. Fast casual restaurants have a variety of food choices available, with chicken being one of the most popular. Chicken is a popular meat consumed in the United States, much more often than any other protein. The next time you are leaving work or leaving the bar with your friends and hunger strikes, remember the fast casual restaurant that is serving your favorite dish of chicken.

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