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The 3 Most Popular Brunch Foods (and How To Make Them Better)

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When you imagine your dream wedding, you probably think about the dress, the venue, the perfect photos, and probably a husband or wife besides. But what about the brunch after the wedding? If that wasn’t a part of your perfect wedding fantasy, we bet it is now, because brunch, obviously. And since the average morning after brunch cost about $457 in 2013, you better get your absolute favorite foods in that brunch buffet.

So what are the most popular brunch foods? According to a 2015 restaurant survey, 67% of respondents said that ethnic-inspired and ethnic-fusion brunch items were a “hot trend” for their favorite menus this year. What does that mean exactly? Think Asian-flavored syrups, breakfast burritos filled with chorizo scrambled eggs, or scrumptious coconut milk pancakes.

If you want to design the perfect brunch after the wedding, or for any other occasion, then here are some of the most popular brunch foods, with a little twist to make it unique.

Macaroni and Cheese

Let’s start with the lunch part of any Sunday brunch buffet. Of course, there’s really no way to go wrong with macaroni and cheese, especially if kids are in attendance. But if you want to put a special twist on plain ol’ mac and cheese, consider breakfast macaroni and cheese — just add diced bacon, home fries, or top with fried eggs.

Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast

While most Americans would probably opt for pancakes, there are also plenty of fierce waffle and french toast devotees out there as well. We’ve already mentioned coconut milk pancakes, but what about peanut butter (and banana) waffles? Or Belgian chocolate dipped french toast stick fondue? Ever wedding brunch needs a section for your sweet tooth.


If your brunch consisted of nothing more than gigantic vats of bacon, we’re guessing your guests would still think it was the best brunch after the wedding they’d ever been to. But if you want to add a special twist, in addition to, not in replacement of, consider double pork bacon. Just wrap your favorite pork sausage of choice in your favorite bacon, and enjoy.

Bloody Mary, Mimosas

For many, the best part of brunch is the liquid refreshment. But consider a Bloody Mary or Mimosa bar, for people to craft their own ultimate cocktails! Put out garnishes like orange slices, pineapple, cherries, fresh squeezed citrus juices, hot sauce, okra, and more!

Got any more fun twists on traditional brunch items in mind? Share your ideas and recipes in the comments! For more information, read this website.

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