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Running a Restaurant 101

Starting your own restaurant is no easy feat. Besides the obvious funding obstacles you need to surpass to rent a location, you also need to hire employees, develop a curated menu, advertise, and run a test launch. Once you are off the ground, however, your restaurant’s reviews will then speak to how high-quality your food is. When running a restaurant, there are several things that you need to know. In this video, we see 15 important tips for restaurant-owners.

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Clearly, your menu is your biggest asset in your restaurant. In a world dominated by Covid these past few years, it is important that you install some new systems to keep your customers safe. If you allow your customers to order online, or from a disinfected kiosk, then those that are still worried about the state of things in the world will be more willing to step foot in your location. Additionally, you should attempt to reach out to big bloggers or celebrities to endorse your business. Social media presence is crucial, and overspending on little things is not. Be careful to keep a careful budget and balance of your restaurant’s funds, because 60% of restaurants fail in their first year.


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