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Looking At Why You Should Drink Juice

If you’re looking for a health kick, consider drinking juice on a regular, if not daily, basis. After all, juice comes in many different varieties, and he health benefits of juice are not to be discounted by any means. After all, it can be truly difficult to get all the vegetables and fruit that you are supposed to over the course of just one day. In fact, up to 70% of all people throughout the United States are not getting several cups of fruit and vegetables throughout their day, as per the recommendations found in Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Fortunately, fruit can fill in some of the dietary gaps that the majority of us are experiencing. Just one four ounce serving of juice will be able to make up one full serving of fruit, provided that the quality of the juice in question is a high one. This is due to the fact that juices that are made 100% from fruit are actually filled with all of the same nutrients found in the whole fruit. And while whole fruit has essential fiber that fruit juice – even the best fruit juice – just does not have, using juice as a substitute for one of your fruit servings instead of all of them can help to mitigate this deficit while still providing you all of the benefits of fitting more fruit into your daily life, something that certainly the vast majority of us could stand to do.

And the benefits of fruit juice range from juice to juice. Consider, for example, orange juice as made with a commercial fruit juicer. Orange juice made with a commercial fruit juicer or even some orange juices that you can buy at the store is not only incredibly delicious, one of the most preferred types of juice out there, but incredibly good for you as well. As a matter of fact, orange juice contains everything from vitamin C to vitamin A to potassium, fiber, magnesium, folate, and even so much more past this. And all of this can be gotten through drinking just a glass or so of orange juice on a daily basis, which is really not that much at all, when you think about it.

Of course, there are many other uses for something like a commercial fruit juicer or professional juicer or various other types of juicing equipment. For instance, the typical commercial fruit juicer will be able to give you fresh fruit juice in the form of apple juice as well as orange juice. And as anyone who has ever had a toddler can attest to, apple juice was and likely always will be one of the most popular juices around. It’s crisp and refreshing, of course, but also packs quite the heavy nutritional punch. As apples are the most consumed fruit in the United States, and are turned into everything from apple pie to apple juice, there is no doubt that this type of juice provides a great use for your commercial juicer, to say the very least.

And with the commercial fruit juicer becoming more and more widely used – and more and more accessible too, for that matter – than ever before, even more unique juices are becoming popular. Take, for instance, pineapple juice. Just as delicious as the rest, pineapple juice can provide a great alternative to some of the more common juices like apple juice and orange juice that have been mentioned above. And in addition to mixing things up a bit, pineapple juice can be hugely beneficial from, as you might have already guessed, a health perspective as well. After all, pineapple juice has been found to have a good deal of calcium in addition to a good amount of magnesium as well. And these are just a couple of the benefits to pineapple juice, especially if pineapple juice is much more accessible to you than an actual pineapple, as pineapples might not be seasonally available for your part of the country at all times of the year – at least not at a reasonable price. Therefore, pineapple juice can be a great alternative that can be made with your commercial fruit juicer.

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