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Knowing What Ice Cream Supplies to Keep in Stock

Ice cream stands as one of the most popular frozen treats among Americans today, and this and related treats such as gelato, frozen yogurt, and sherbet make up a large portion of the food and drink industry. Today’s customers can choose from many different desserts and flavors, and there’s more than one way for ice cream parlors to sell their products. Frozen yogurt spoons, eco-friendly paper straws, custom cups, paper napkins, and more can be offered at an ice cream parlor. After all, without supplies like eco-friendly paper straws or cups, it may be difficult to sell some products. While hard and soft serve ice cream can be eaten on an edible waffle cone, other desserts call for the right supplies, and this is something for store owners to keep in mind. Eco-friendly paper straws, are a recent alternative to plastic straws, since plastic is coming under heavily scrutiny for its pollution capacity. An ice cream shop may expect some heavy business in the warmer months, and the right ice cream or gelato should be on hand to serve. How can eco-friendly paper straws or spoons make for a tidy frozen dessert?

Frozen Treats and Supplies

The industry of frozen treats is large, and ever since the turn of the 20th century or so, Americans young and old have been enamored with ice cream and related treats. In fact, nearly 90% of American households today indulge regularly in sweet, frozen desserts, and the average American eats ice cream 28.5 times per year. The NDP Group conducted some research and found that in any two-week period, nearly 40% of Americans will eat a frozen treat such as ice cream or gelato. To meet this popular demand, a lot of ice cream, and related products, are made every year. Annually, some 1.5 billions gallons of ice cream are made in the United States, and nearly 9% of all American dairy is dedicated to all this ice cream. And not only is there classic ice cream, but also gelato, a thick and creamy alternative with slightly different ingredients, not to mention frozen yogurt or custard. Ice cream accessories are made to match, since some treats are meant to be eaten a certain way. Even a company that only sells paper or plastic products should be aware of all these different treats, so that they can better supply ice cream shops across the nation.

How to Eat

The ingredients for ice cream or gelato are varied, as are the flavors, but the ways to eat these treats are pretty simple. On the edible side, many ice cream treats are eaten on a classic waffle cone, which is a mildly sweet and dry treat. This can contrast pleasantly with the ice cream itself, and many ice cream treats on cones may appear on image-sharing websites such as Pinterest. Customers should note, though, that ice cream cones are certainly the messiest way to eat ice cream, and drips are possible. Or, the ice cream scoops may fall off entirely. It should also be noted that waffle cones are not convenient for storing any leftovers in the fridge or freezer at home, making them a poor choice for some customers.

By contrast, paper cups and plastic spoons, along with eco-friendly paper straws, can be tidier for eating ice cream, gelato, and other treats. This doesn’t offer the classic vibe of a waffle cone, but then again, these supplies prevent messes. Many customers may find that appealing, and what is more, a customer can mix the flavors or condiments of their ice cream in their cup with a spoon, and the cup makes for ready-made storage for leftovers. Some treats, such as gelato or frozen yogurt, are nearly always eaten like this, and gelato may be served with special spoons.

An ice cream shop will also invest in hardware. Namely, the ice cream mixers and makers, and even gelato or frozen custard machines for added variety. These machines need care, though. At the end of the day, they should be rinsed free of food, then taken apart and washed to clean them off for the next day’s operation. The owner’s manual may need to be consulted for disassembly.

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