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How to Turn Southwestern Salsa Into Southwestern Salad

Pico de gallo salsa dips

Do you freeze in fear when faced by a potluck sign-up sheet? Worry no more. With just three ingredients, you can make a salad everyone at your office party, block party, church dinner or game night will rave about. Your only dilemma will be whether to tell people how easy it is or let them be impressed by your culinary genius. Here it is, your favorite new three-ingredient Southwestern salad:


  1. Lettuce: You can choose your favorite, but romaine tends to work well. If you choose iceberg, be sure to get a head or two and chop them, rather than buying pre-shredded bagged lettuce.
  2. Ripe avocado: Cut into half-inch chunks. Use one or two avocados per head of lettuce. Having trouble getting the pits out? Once you’ve cut the avocado in half, try sharply embedding the thickest part of a chef’s knife (near the handle) into the pit, then twisting — the pit should pop right out so you can easily dispose of it.
  3. Southwestern salsa: Even though this is the ingredient that makes the dish, there’s no need to make fresh salsa in this instance. As long as you find a relatively mild salsa that has sweet corn and black beans, you’re set.


Toss lettuce (with the leaves left relatively large) and chopped avocado in a bowl. Then start to add salsa, making sure you get all the good stuff, not just the liquid, into the bowl. Toss as you go to make sure you don’t drown the lettuce. Since Southwestern salsa is so hearty, it’ll be like you’re adding several more ingredients to the salad, and the liquid from the black beans will coat the salad like a dressing. It really is that easy.

If you want to make the salad a little fancier, you can top it with some crispy fried tortilla strips. And if you’d like to make it a bit heartier, you can add grilled chicken for some more Southwest flair.

Do you have any other Southwestern salsa recipes to share? Join the discussion in the comments.

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