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How to Keep Guacamole From Going Bad

Spicy guacamole

It’s a weird scenario to think about, but it’s always a possibility. You’ve made some awesome, fresh guacamole dips for the party, but seemed to have made too much. Though people are snacking on your pretzels and guacamole, it seems like there’s going to be a good bit of leftovers.

What do you do? Do you instantly whip up some recipes using guacamole? Do you try to eat it all yourself? Or do you try to save it?

The logical thing, obviously, would be to try to save your fresh guacamole, but the trouble is that avocados — the most important of all guacamole ingredients — tend to go bad quickly.

Fortunately, there are ways you can keep fresh guacamole fresh. Here are just a few.

Plastic Wrap.

Since you made the fresh guacamole for a party, chances are it’s in a big serving bowl. In order to preserve it, get some plastic wrap and a serving spoon. Smooth out the surface of the fresh guacamole so it’s nice and even and level. Then, press the plastic so that it’s right on the fresh guacamole, literally touching it. Wrap it around the sides of the dish, and you should be set. Leveling out the surface of your fresh guacamole make it easier to put the plastic wrap on, and ensure that there’s no air, which is key. You don’t want the air to touch it your fresh guacamole, which is what causes it to spoil.

Airtight Tupperware.

If there’s only a little bit left, it might be worth your while to put it some air tight tupperware. As previously mentioned, air is the enemy here, so you’re going to need to try to press out as much as you possibly can. If you don’t have enough fresh guacamole to fill up the tupperware, or almost fill it up, then it’s best to use shrink wrap.

Lime Juice.

Another pro tip, try sprinkling fresh lime juice on the top of your guac. It’s not much of a preservative, but it will help keep your guac from going weird and funky. This only really works with fresh lime juice, though. You can’t use the stuff in in the plastic bottles.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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