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How to Keep an Ice Cream Shop Afloat

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Of the many iconic cinematic dessert moments, nothing quite tops the scene where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks grab dessert in the 1998 film You’ve Got Mail. But sadly, if you were hankering for a sundae from the famed eating destination, your chances might be dwindling. According to DNA Info, Cafe Lalo might be closing soon if business doesn’t turn around soon.
Despite requests for comment, the owner has not made any further statements on the fate of the cafe. However, an online NY paper reported that the business’ financial performance has not been up to snuff. According to the article, the business’ late-night hours and European-style windows have resulted in a litany of sound complains from loud music and customers.
While this is sad, potential business owners can learn a lot from the follies of Cafe Lalo. In order to run a successful dessert cafe, you need to have all of your bases covered, included a good business plan, creative custom dessert supplies, and a creative and responsible team. As you go forward, here are some key things to remember:

Know The Foundations of Business
Running an ice cream shop requires far more than buying a few pints of ice cream and pricing it based on whatever sounds right to you. Rather, it’s important to know the business logistics behind your prices, namely, knowing the cost of overhead — from the toppings to the ice cream cups with lids. Additionally, it’s essential to know how to pay appropriate small business taxes and how to keep track of local health laws so that your business stays within compliance of these laws. Additionally, you’re going to need to have a sound marketing plan and a reasonable budget to execute this plan.

Go Custom
From the ice cream cups with lids to spoons, everything should speak to your shop’s brand. Custom dessert supplies make your shop a memorable place to be, leaving a mark on whoever enjoys your treats.

Diversify Your Product
One can learn a lot from the frozen yogurt store Red Mango. Not only does the eatery sell frozen yogurt in a number of flavors with a topping bar, but it has also began to diversify its product, also offering sandwiches and smoothies to their menu. A wide variety of treats means more customers and service.

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