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How Table Tops Can Change Your Business

Having a hard time deciding between metal table tops and wooden ones for your restaurant? Choosing your tables can be as big of a job as choosing your outfit of the day. There are so many options in front of you for wood and metal that at the end of the day your head is left spinning with different choices. Do you go with something long lasting? Or should you pick something based only on how nice it looks? More restaurant owners find themselves baffled at these decisions. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind the next time picking out furniture seems as difficult as making your menu.

Metal Table Tops Save Your Pockets

With so many options out there your wallet will thank you in the end. Many times, these table tops are more affordable than if you put wood table tops or even reclaimed wood in your restaurant! Metal also means that you’re saving the trees! For hardwood trees that take almost 60 years to mature, this means that we cut down these beauties to make furniture faster than they can grow. Making the decision for metal means saving not only your own money but saving the trees as well. Who doesn’t like a business that puts the environment first?

Metal Table Tops Offer Less Paint Contamination

Metal table tops come in a verity of shapes, sizes and colors! Unlike wooden tables that are harder to maintain and only come in a few colored options. (Unless you layer them with paint and stain — would you really want to eat off of wood restaurant tables at that point? Knowing just how much paint has stained your table, who really wants their food touching all of that and then being digested? With metal table tops your options are unlimited! And you can be sure that you’re guests can be sure they aren’t picking up paint residue with every bight.

The Ease Of Moving

Instead of those large heavy to move tables and chairs that take forever to get out of the way to wash the floors at night. A great metal alternative could save time and strength! Those these table tops are light weight it doesn’t mean that they aren’t durable, it just means that this furniture is highly versatile. With furniture that is easy to move and reposition your restaurant never needs to stay the same for too long. Who doesn’t like the reset of a brand new setup.

Withstanding The Test Of Time

Metal table can last longer. Unlike wood, these tables and chairs don’t run the risk of being scuffed or broken beyond repair. Most of the time these tables can be repaired easily if there is an issue with them. Metal is known to look better in the long run than wood does, meaning that the need for replacement is far less than one would expect it to be.

Indoor Or Outdoor

With metal table tops the option of moving this furniture inside or outside on beautiful days brings with it the benefit of offering your costumers versatility on where they’d like to sit. Who doesn’t like to enjoy a delicious meal and the beautiful outdoors at the same time?

So the next time you are faced with that difficult decision over what to use for furniture within your restaurant keep these things in mind. Whatever your decision, your food offerings will be the thing that keeps most of your customers coming back time and time again.

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