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Healthy Lunches Could Lead the Fight Against Obesity

Healthy lunch ideas

Every year, the average American will consume a staggering 85.5 pounds of fats and oils. This means it should come as no surprise that obesity has become such an epidemic. The number of obese Americans, which currently sits at more than 35% for adults and around 17% for children, according to the CDC, is also made worse by the fact that many are simply uneducated when it comes to eating healthy. In fact, just three of 10 Americans believe that every source of calories can cause weight gain. Though lots of people go on diets and try to lose weight, a simple lack of healthy eating information and knowledge is causing obesity rates to continue rising.

One of the ways that both adults and kids can get healthier and avoid carrying around excess fat is eating healthy meals for lunch. Though it can be tempting to just grab fast food or whatever is available at the lunch counter in between classes, those spots don’t always provide the healthiest options. Unfortunately, roughly 65% of Americans have little understanding of what actually constitutes a healthy lunch. So taking the time to find some healthy lunch ideas is important for anybody looking to lose weight and avoid the obesity tag.

A full three quarters of Americans say that they choose food items that are lower in fat than other choices “sometimes,” which is a good step towards getting healthy. However, there are also some healthy meals for lunch that everyone should try. Sandwiches and chips or burgers and fries, with a soda of course, can be replaced by whole grain pita wraps, leftovers from a healthy dinner, hard boiled eggs, cereal, and sensible salads. Generally, healthy lunches should include some lean protein and a bit of carbs to power through the afternoon, but lower-calorie foods are always a must.

Though a great diet complete with healthy meals for lunch is important when it comes to losing weight, exercise is also a necessity. For optimum health, a diet should be supplemented by at least 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. Specific workout and cardio plans will certainly vary from person to person, and there isn’t one that is right for everyone. But hitting the gym or heading outside for a jog is an essential part of healthy weight loss.

American obesity rates have grown significantly in the last 50 years or so. In 1962, the obesity rate was just 13%, less than half of what it is today. While lifestyle changes have played a role, fattier foods have also been problematic. Changing to a good diet and exercise regiment is the best way for individuals to get healthy and try to turn that trend around.

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