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Finding a Used Fridge Trailer for Sale

The modern carrier industry is a broad and quite important one, as carrier companies large and small offer vehicles that deliver cargo and goods from one place to another for their shipping clients. Factories, warehouses, and retailers are common sites these vehicles will visit, and jets can be used for overnight deliveries or going over the ocean quickly. But most carrier companies skew on the smaller side, and they will each boast a small but hard-working fleet of trucks to deliver goods all across the American road network. Some of these carrier companies make use of specialized trailers for certain jobs, such as wholesale reefer units. What is a reefer trailer, and when a manager looks to buy reefer trailers, what should they look for? A number of brands such as Thermo King and others offer such models, and used Thermo King units might be a fine idea, or similar models. Looking for Thermo King refrigeration units for sale is the job of a carrier company manager, and finding Thermo King refrigeration units for sale may involve factoring in finances, expected cargo load sizes, and more. Loans can also be taken out when seeking out Thermo King refrigeration units for sale from wholesalers.

The Market of Reefer Trailers

This is far from a niche market. Many shippers urgently need to hire carrier companies who have reefer trucks in their fleets, and this market, which is already quite large, is growing further still. Today in the United States, some 500,000 reefer units are being used among many carrier companies, and more and more of them are being ordered. Around the world, this market is quite robust, and the worldwide reefer trailer market us due to reach a market value of $7.65 billion by the year 2022. Experts say that that market may grow at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2016 to 2022, as well.

Put simply, a reefer unit is a truck trailer with refrigeration units on it so that cold air keeps the interior cool. The trailer will also have insulated walls so that the cold does not leak out, and the internal temperature may be anything from -20 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows reefers to deliver frozen goods or merely chilled ones, as needed. Such trailers can vary in size, too, and they may be anywhere from 28 to 53 feet long. The tallest ones may be 13.5 feet tall, and the largest models weigh in at 44,000 pounds. These trailers are often used to deliver cold food for grocery stores and the like, such as delivering frozen boxed food, dairy products, meats and cheeses, and anything else that would spoil in a regular trailer’s warm cargo bay. These items may be unloaded from a warehouse’s on-site cooler and into a reefer, and once that reefer truck arrives at a grocery store, dock personnel will unload it all and place the goods in the store’s own cooling units.

Making the Purchase

It is clear how reefer units work, and who uses them. But what about the business of finding Thermo King refrigeration units for sale? A smaller carrier company may end up taking out a loan for these trailers and trucks, but rather than approaching big banks, these carrier companies may approach specialized lenders who work for truckers. These lenders will look over the borrower’s credentials, such as their business credit score as well as their personal credit score. Truck loan companies may also weigh in how the borrower will use trucks, and using the vehicles for long trips may put wear and tear on them and thus justify a higher interest rate. But if the carrier company has good credit scores, the borrower may get a loan for most or even 100% of the truck’s value in loans at a low interest rate, and start paying off that loan as work progresses.

Meanwhile, a carrier company manager may choose whether to find new reefers for sale, or used ones. Newer ones cost more, but they are in good condition and may have more modern features. A used one can be looked over carefully before purchase, and one in good condition may prove to be a good, affordable buy for a small carrier company.

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