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Coffee Business Are you Down with the King of Beverage Businesses?

Mobile coffee van franchise

Coffee is truly a global beverage. All around the people drink coffee to start their mornings, get through their work days, or just to enjoy at any time. Worldwide, the coffee industry is worth $100 billion dollars, according to Business Insider.

Every single cup of coffee, whether brewed at home, served at a diner, or purchased from a mobile coffee van contributes to this gigantic global business. Not only is coffee a big business, it’s a growing business, that may represent one of the best food franchise opportunities for aspiring business owners.

Just how fast is the coffee franchise industry growing? With a 7% annual growth rate worldwide, coffee shops represent one of the fastest growing industry segments. A mobile coffee van is one especially unique opportunity in the coffee industry, that could be one of the most successful small business ideas.

A mobile coffee van is one of the best coffee franchise opportunities because coffee is a beverage consumed on-the-go. In coffee-happy Australia, Datamonitor reports that one out of every seven cups of coffee drunken by Australians is consumed out-of-home. That’s one out of every average Australian coffee drinker’s seven cups that could be purchased from a mobile coffee van.

You’ll know a full service mobile coffee van, by the quality and variety of its offerings. For starters, a good mobile coffee business should have Arabica coffee, by far the most popular variety, making up 70% of all coffee sold world-wide. Additionally, a good mobile coffee van might have coffee offerings from Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia, the three biggest coffee producing countries.

A reputable mobile coffee business should also have adequately trained staff. As many coffee lovers know, quality coffee is good on its own, but often times, the preparation can make the difference between a good cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee. Having properly trained baristas will help to ensure that coffee served from a mobile coffee van, or any coffee business, tastes perfect!

There’s a very good reason why after crude oil, coffee is the next most sought after natural commodity. It’s a delicious beverage that is loved all over the globe. Surely, coffee is not going anywhere, and a mobile coffee van business is sure to be a center of the industry for years to come!

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