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Behind The Huge And Growing Popularity Of Beer In the United States

Beer is a hugely popular drink in the United States, there is absolutely no doubt about it. After all, beer is even the preferred drink of many people, with data showing that more than forty percent of all drinkers over the age of twenty one (in other words, legal drinkers) actually prefer beer as a drink over other alcoholic beverages such as wine and spirits alike. In just one year – 2015 – nearly twenty eight gallons of beer and cider were consumed – per person – in just that same span of time. This is no shock, considering that nearly fifteen percent of adults living in the United States will drink beer at least once a week, if not even more frequently than that.

Craft beer and craft beer breweries, often offering a fun night out with the promise of a stainless growler to take home, have become particularly prosperous, with a market value of more than twenty three billion dollars in total. All in all, the craft beer section now makes up more than ten percent of the overall beer industry, and now more than eighty percent (eighty five percent, to be exact) of all beer drunk in the United States has been produced domestically, often in these craft breweries. There are even more brewery locations in the United States than ever before in history – more than four thousand and two hundred and sixty.

So why has craft beer become so popular in the United States? For one, people tend to like to support their local businesses, and going to a local craft beer brewery is a great way to do just that. Beer enthusiasts are also likely to enjoy the wider array of flavors of beer that are offered in the typical craft brewery, elevating the experience of drinking to nearly that of an art form. It can be an exciting thing, drinking a beer that hardly anyone, let alone yourself, has tried before, because the production of it is on such a small scale. It makes you appreciate the flavors more, and it allows the typical craft brewery to experiment with flavors and be more innovative than the big name beer brands get to be. Besides, there is always the option of taking some of your favorite beer home with your in a stainless growler.

Taking beer home in a stainless growler is not just a good way to enjoy a much loved beer again in the comfort of your own home, but growlers like the stainless growler or vacuum sealed growler or even the insulated stainless growler have become popular gift ideas among the beer drinking community. For instance, if you know a close friend loves a particular kind of beer that is only available on a seasonal basis, getting them a stainless growler or even a personal keg or a personalized growler full of that beer can be the ideal way to say happy birthday, happy holidays, or just that you were thinking about them – no matter what, it’s a hugely touching thing to do in the vast majority of circumstances.

There’s no doubt about it that beer drinkers are hugely common all throughout all parts of the United States, from the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in between too. And on top of this, more and more people are appreciating craft beer, enjoying the new flavors and taking them home in a stainless growler to enjoy later as well – or to share with their close friends and family.

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