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Are You Looking for a Serene and Peaceful Wedding Venue?

Getting proposed to by the love of your life is one of the best feelings in the world, and you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds for a long time after saying ‘yes’. However, once reality sets in, you’ll realize that you have a million and one things to organize and take care of. What do you organize first, and how do you make these important decisions?

An engaged blog writer’s advice could prove very useful if you’re thinking ‘I need a wedding venue’ and don’t know where to start. So, hit Google and start searching for advice from others who went through the same excitement as you and know a few things about getting the perfect wedding band, how to find a wedding planner, and whether or not it’s possible to have a free wedding registry.

Once you’ve learned what you can from other future brides and grooms, it’s time to plan your wedding, and the venues are one of the first and most important arrangements to be made. Continue reading for advice on how to choose and why you should consider an outdoor wedding.

Golf equipment

For party venues and places for wedding receptions, there are few better locations than a golf course. With a vista of landscaped greens, trees, plantings and lakes, it would be difficult to find a more serene or peaceful setting. As more and more weddings take place outdoors, a golf course and clubhouse make the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor facilities in a setting that will make the big day even more memorable. And for golf aficionados, an 18-hole golf course is a great place for a relaxed game.

Outdoor weddings are becoming popular
Among unique wedding places, a golf course is a favorite choice. Summer weddings can take advantage of the weather to hold all events outdoors. An 18-hole golf course makes a beautiful and romantic backdrop to the wedding dresses, flowers, decorations and food. The event will be visually stunning, and the peaceful surroundings make it the perfect place to exchange vows on a solemn day of new beginnings.
According to Hudson Valley Weddings, more than one third or 35% of all weddings are now held outdoors. Picking the right venue, like an 18-hole golf course, can provide a stunning background for the day. Whether the wedding theme is romantic, or outdoorsy, or classic, the natural beauty of the surroundings add an extra elements of drama and solemnity to the occasion.

Brunch menus can be innovative
Brunch is now a popular choice for a wedding meal. It gives the wedding breakfast a special touch, with favorite foods and drinks. Brunches have been around in Britain for a long time but began to catch on in the U.S. about thirty years ago. The hot new trend in brunch menus is for exotic, ethnic-inspired breakfast and brunch items like Asian-flavored syrups, Chorizo scrambled eggs, and coconut milk pancakes.
A wedding brunch is a chance to offer guests innovative dishes as well as old favorites like smoked salmon and mimosas. An outdoor wedding brunch at an 18-hole golf course brings together so many ideal elements – food and drink, natural beauty, good company, comfort – that your guests may never want to leave.

A varied and beautiful setting
Another advantage of choosing an 18-hole golf course and club house as your wedding venue is that they are well experienced in the art of hospitality and will be able to supply the music, decor, and food that goes with the occasion. Typically, they will have a number of different spaces where your guests can spread out to enjoy the day.
Atriums full of light and expansive views, outdoor terraces with lighted fountains, and grand ballrooms will all help to create memories of a perfect day. For smaller events, more intimate banquet spaces will provide a comfortable setting for your guests.

Golf courses are also popular venues for holiday parties and corporate events. Holiday parties at the golf course can count on seasonal decorations, music and food. The quiet, relaxed setting and natural beauty make it the perfect setting for any special occasion.

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